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    Ebook Architect: How to write and profit from Ebooks

    How to write your own ebooks
    Outsourced Writers
    Using offshore outsourced staff is a key strategy that is becoming more and more popular. It is not surprising since it works and has never been easier or cheaper to get quality staff.
    Offshoring IT currently provide writers and researchers plus other information technology staff such as Programmers, Web Designers and Graphic Artists, Data Entry Specialists, SEO Specialists, Media Managers, Quality Control Staff, Contact Center Agents, and Virtual Assistants. Rates can be under $7 per hour for experienced and university educated staff.

    If you are looking at doing any sort of regular long term (over 6 months) writing projects then outsourcing some or all of it is your best strategy. OffshoringIT.com provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and options.

    Take The Advantage of Public Domain and Market your Own Instant Products
    - Without Having to Write One Word Yourself

    In this special report Cody Moya explores some of the best ways to make money online - specifically how to make money using content you have the right to use or modify. He presents a step by step action plan that you can put into use to begin immediately tapping into the potential of this profitable and rewarding Internet niche. This very informative special report is 21 pages long and and free to download.

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    Writer Appreciation Week
    Register For Your FREE Writer Appreciation Week Gifts Courtesy of the Elite Writers Lab...
    If you're a writer who writes for a living, or wants to, join us for Writer Appreciation Week. It's a free event filled with new gifts and useful tools for writers each day. Signup now

    How to Write a Children's Book
    Uncover how to write a children's classic - in 14 days, or less!

    The Best-Seller Secret
    Turn your book into a #1 Amazon best-seller, with this little-known system.

    Real Writing Jobs
    We offer 1000s of at home writing jobs online, and resources for writers. We are looking for some people that are interested in working from their home on a part or full-time basis. If you want to earn $100, $200 or even up to $500 a day, and you don't mind writing some short opinions up, this is the perfect opportunity for you! We work with hundreds of companies such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Entertainment, Ford Motor Company and more! We recruit people to fill 1000s of jobs for companies like this every year. Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, such as blogging about a movie that you recently saw, commenting on what your opinion is of a certain kind of car, proof reading simple documents and more!

    WP Sales Letter
    WP Sales Letter makes it easier than ever before to write your sales letter. WP Sales Letter is a WordPress plugin. Some Features Include:
    * Built In Copywriter Idea Generator
    * Copywriter Idea Generator
    * Built In Video Player
    * Testimonial Audios
    * Easy Plugin To Use and Much MORE!!!!
    Single Site License $47
    Multi Site License $77
    Developers License $97

    Publish Platform
    Publish Platform is a low-cost way to getting your e-book project published, promoted and sold - at the most effective e-book listing and selling sites. We've been publishing books since 1980. Several useful services available, including your own ISBN - plus editing and book review options.

    Book Proposal Secrets
    Get a publishing contract AND get paid, before you write a word.

    Product Creation Guru
    The complete product creation guide.

    The Ultimate Copywriter
    Discover how to get paid $10,000 - for writing one simple letter.

    Essential English for Authors
    Get your work published, by correcting these common English errors.

    Purple Snowflake Marketing
    Purple Snowflake Marketing - A reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snowstorm of writers. With the proper knowledge, authors can develop the ability to market their books based on their budget limitations and their personal strengths. This 195-page book doesn't have much white-space with a 69,350 word count, and would certainly benefit your audience. *The appendix section offers more than 900 direct links to places where writers can network or query for promotion opportunities, including author-friendly radio shows, blogs, e-zines and more.: Brummet.ca

    Writers & Artists
    This site contains one of the greatest writing resources available on the Internet today. It's updated every single day, so be sure to visit often.

    Ebook Creation for NEWBIES
    A detailed step-by-step guide to your own profitable Ebooks. You can actually write an ebook without actually doing the writing. Because of an interesting legal twist, you can hire a writer, and then when the writer is finished, you own the complete copyright to the work. But there's something else that's almost too good to be true: having an ebook written doesn't cost near what it costs to have a hard cover book written. It's actually pretty affordable for someone who plans to recoup their money with ebook sales. In this guide you will get ALL the information you need to have a profitable eBook written for you step-by-step. Even if you are illiterate you can be an author!

    Self-Publishing Secrets
    Earn great royalties and sack your editor, with self-publishing.

    The 10-Day E-Book
    It shows you how to take your initial idea and turn it into a polished e-book. Then it demonstrates the procedures you need to take to sell that same book online. And all of this can be accomplished in JUST 10 DAYS!
    Thanks to Nick's cutting-edge tuition, that means that ANYONE can become a published author by the end of this month. And once you've got your first e-book up and running, think how easy it will be to create the next, and the next.
    PLUS, it's possible to earn as much as $1000 p/m from EACH e-book you create.
    As usual, the course is backed up by a 100% guarantee. There's lots of information on marketing and promoting e-books, too, which is where a lot of people fall short.

    Movie in a Month Course
    Write your next Hollywood blockbuster in one month - or less.

    Quick Cash Writing Course
    Turn your writing skills into quick cash, with this brand new course.

    How to Start A Self Publishing and Internet Business
    Learn how to start your very own self-publishing business and website. You don't think you have a self-publisher in you. Think again. Everyone has something to say. Everyone has a book, or two, in them. And after you write one book, I guarantee you will very quickly write another. It's addictive. The money is not bad either.

    Writer's Block CD
    Experience creativity on demand, and eliminate Writer's Block for good.

    Nick Daws Course
    Classic ground-breaking course shows how to write any book in under a month.

    Twitter Beginner's Guide
    Do you "get" Twitter?
    Let's be honest... Twitter isn't all that easy to understand, especially for beginners.
    This free PDF checklist will get you kick-started.
    Twitter is HUGE and it's here to stay, so if you're looking to strike deals, make powerful connections, and do some smart market research, then you should get on board.

    Insider Rollout Secrets
    I just finished reading Insider Rollout Secrets and I think it is Neil Shearing's best book yet! I am used to him over delivering but was particularly impressed by the detail he gives on each of the steps in an ebook product launch. He took one ebook idea and turned it into sales of $253,603.47... yes, that's over a Quarter Million Dollars! and he shows you how to do it too. This at the top of my list of required reading for ebook authors. Recommended.

    Get Started with Profitable Freelance Writing Now!
    A bakers dozen of the best articles from almost of decade of helping writers over the 'net.

    60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done
    60 specific tips to help you get your writing done, today, tomorrow and forever.

    Learn How To Write Books That You Will Be Proud To Sell
    The contents of the book are based on the demands of most aspiring and new writers and answers all of their major questions. You will not find any affiliate links in this book or any other promotional and marketing stuff. The book contains only high-quality, valuable information which derived from long and hard research and interviews. The book explains in detail a strategy that works for many authors which breaks the whole writing and publishing process into smaller steps. You will be shown all the necessary steps you need to take for becoming a successful self-published author.

    The Complete Guide To Profit On eBooks!
    A complete description of how to create and/or sell ebooks with tools you already have, or is freely available on the Internet!

    How to Write your own eBook in 7 Days!
    Write and publish your own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook in as little 7 days - even if you can't write or type!

    Novel in a Month
    Learn how to write a best-selling novel in just 28 days, or less!

    Glyphius - Ad Copy Scoring Software.
    Old Copywriting Pro's and Beginning Writers Alike Are Discovering The Brand New Software That Allows You To Improve The Profitability Of Your Ad Copy Using A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Of Thousands Of Current and Previously Successful Ads. Use this software to improve your sales using the experience of thousands of successful marketers.

    Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd
    This is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snowstorm of writers. With nineteen chapters and twenty-five appendices, this e-book is a means for authors to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. The e-book also offers over 900 resources that will accelerate your marketing efforts far beyond your peers. As a reassuring marketing plan guide, it contains ample advice for avoiding pit-falls and setting a pace for marketing endeavors.

    Butterfly Reports
    Instantly Create Viral Ebooks On The Fly For Free.

    10 Brand New Business in a Box:
    Dustin Struckman has just put together an amazing new package that will literally allow you to start an info business TODAY!
    You'll actually get 10 Brand New Business in a Box:

  • 10 Hot Info Products (5 eBooks & 5 Software Titles)
  • Complete Websites
  • Professional Graphics Packages
  • Powerful Sales Letters
  • Full Source Code & Files
  • Master Resale Rights
    There are only 500 copies available and they are selling out right now. Get Yours Today!

    Ghostwriting Goldmine.
    How to have professional writers begging you to write your product and you keep 100% of the profits.

    How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal that $ells!
    Learn how to put together a proposal that sells your book even before you write it!

    Butterfly Reports
    Instantly Create Viral Ebooks On The Fly For Free.

    You Can Write Books
    Learn how to write books publishers will WANT to publish.

    eBook Marketing Revealed
    Discover How to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Own Profitable Ebook! Get the Insider Scoop on How to Earn Thousands Weekley!

    Software that helps people write a novel - over 50,000 copies already sold! An easy to use, and highly credible software programme that will quickly help you start and finish - writing your novel.

    Create Your Own Info Product
    Build a profitable home business creating and selling your own information products.

    Make Your Knowledge Sell
    A great ebook on how to write ebooks. There's a book in everyone, including you. You know something that other people would pay to know. It can be right under your nose without seeing it. MYKS! is a proven system that shows you how to find "the infoproduct within," how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it.

    Selling your very own, proprietary product is the small business person's best chance to succeed on the Net. And MYKS! is the best way to do it. Click here to visit the site.

    Product Padlock
    $39 billion dollars is the amount that is being lost to people illegally passing around software and digital products such as:

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Word Documents
  • PDF Files
  • MP3's ...and so much more!
    Product Padlock gives you full control over who has access to your files. You can even prevent people who have already purchased your product and then asked for a refund from accessing the product again.
    If your business involves selling or delivering any type of digital product I suggest you take a close look at Product Padlock... it could save you thousands over the course of the next year.

    CB Product Download Protection
    Stop people from stealing your ClickBank downloads now! Expiring download links, receipt validation and access control, and more.

    EBook Maestro
    EBook Maestro is a versatile universal compiler for digital information products (such as eBooks, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Software Wizards, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, etc.) eBooks compiled with eBook Maestro support all character sets and can contain and open any files: HTML Pages, Graphic Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Style Sheets, Flash Files, Sound Files, Video Files, etc.

    Easy Writing
    Improve Your Writing.

    ebook creation Ebook basics
    You can develop your own ebook with ease. We actually show you how. Eva Almeida, of ebooksnbytes.com and Mark Caron, of affiliategurus.com have joined forces to take you through a step-by-step video training course showing you how to create your own ebook. All your ebook creation needs in one incredible package of videos, software, and ebooks. Comes with the Full Resale Rights.

    Writing & Photography - A $Winning$ Combination
    Writers! Sell more. Earn more. Learn why you need to add photos to your work. Learn how you to add photos without even owning a camera. NEW $8.95

    Killer Copy Tactics
    By David Garfinkel
    A fully interactive multimedia course by David Garfinkel, the man many call "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach." David will show you "how to turn words into cash" in this groundbreaking tour-de-force. This course sets the bar for what Internet based learning should be.

    The Insider Secrets To eBook Self-Publishing
    Discover how you can create hot selling ebook from scratch about any topic, without writing a word, in a record time, and watch your bank account explode - 100% GUARANTEED -

    Lou Darvas Course
    Discover how to draw cartoons, with famous cartoonist Lou Darvas!

    Brandable ebooks and articles
    It is an open directory of brandable ebooks and articles. The ideal place to find content for your site that you can brand with your own affiliate links. Or promote your own brandable ebooks there. This is an effective viral marketing concept and its all free.

    New E-book Software
    Discover How to Boost Traffic and Gain Instant Credibility With This Revolutionary New E-book Software! This new e-book marketing breakthrough will show you how to use the power of multiplication to conquer your website traffic dilemma. How to implement "Viral Marketing Magic" into your website marketing strategy to crush your competition. Click here today!!

    eBook eCover Design at a very resonable price.

    eBook Secrets Exposed
    How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of Money In Record Time With Your Own eBook - Whether You Wrote It Or Not!

    Download Your Free Report!
    This informative and helpful report explains the challenges of electronic publishing, proper manuscript preparation, links to helpful tools for authors, and includes a User's Guide for new EbookoMatic members.

    Desktop Author
    Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create digital web books. Digital web books are any type of e-publication including e-brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, online resumes, quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys. And now you can easily turn your digital web books into web pages with no need for HTML, ASP or other programming knowledge.

    Increase typing speed
    Double your speed in 2 minutes with Typing Genius!

    The Web's Easiest To Use eBook Compiler
    Easy to use eBook creation software. Free trials.

    YOU Can Make Money Writing eBooks
    You can increase your income with eBooks - learn how to write and sell eBooks now.

    eBook Pro Software
    Find out how to package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc. into secure eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service too! Click here for more information.

    How To Write A Newsletter
    NEWSLETTER EDITORS! Discover How To Create Award Winning Newsletters or Ezines.In Less Than 20 Minutes!

    Instant Home Writing Kit

    Jumpstart Your Movie Scripts
    Information you need to jumpstart your screenwriting success!

    Instant Query Letters Software
    This simple Q and A format creates a professional query letter instantly that will encourage editors and agents to contact you immediately for the complete manuscript.

    Make Money Writing
    You can make a lot of money by writing and self-publishing your own material, if you are willing to write ebooks, articles, reports or newsletters.

    GoodWritingHelp.com - free tips how to write papers will help you with writing your book review or book report.

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