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    Ebook Architect: How to write and profit from Ebooks

    Tools for ebook authors

    Product Padlock
    $39 billion dollars is the amount that is being lost to people illegally passing around software and digital products such as:
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Word Documents
  • PDF Files
  • MP3's ...and so much more!
    Product Padlock gives you full control over who has access to your files. You can even prevent people who have already purchased your product and then asked for a refund from accessing the product again.
    If your business involves selling or delivering any type of digital product I suggest you take a close look at Product Padlock... it could save you thousands over the course of the next year.

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    Writer Appreciation Week
    Register For Your FREE Writer Appreciation Week Gifts Courtesy of the Elite Writers Lab...
    If you're a writer who writes for a living, or wants to, join us for Writer Appreciation Week. It's a free event filled with new gifts and useful tools for writers each day. Signup now

    Blogging For Writers
    Blogging is a GREAT way for you to cash in on your writing skills, promote your existing writing work, get your book published - and more. As a writer, blogging will be easy and natural for you. In fact, you've got an unfair advantage over every other blogger. You can earn revenue, attract clients and publicity.

    Publish Platform
    Publish Platform is a low-cost way to getting your e-book project published, promoted and sold - at the most effective e-book listing and selling sites. We've been publishing books since 1980. Several useful services available, including your own ISBN - plus editing and book review options.

    Ultimate Ebook Creator for Amazon Kindle
    Professional built in Wysiwyg Editor allows you to craft 100% accurately formatted ebook for Amazon Kindle (mobi), Barnes & Noble Nook (epub), Sony Reader and any other ebook reader device! No need for MS Word, Calibre or any other 3rd party tool.

    E-Book Formatting for Measure
    E-Book formatting to some end results, which is the result of preparations towards adjoining methods that would include clear artistry or technically successful combinations as the formatted, yet to attractively meet current validation standards rather inexpensively and were a couple of the goals.

    Product Launch Guide
    New rules to successfully launch products, a company or anything else via the Internet
    This free 64 page ebook describes how to leverage your existing subscriber and customer list assets to create a purpose-built community around the launch of a product or website, resulting in maximum sales during the launch. It also includes an overview of how the online product launch process works, its major benefits and advantages and has complete examples and details action plans to use.

    Writers Giveaway
    A collection of writing books and software that is perfect for professional authors, writing newbies, screenplay writers, poets and anyone else interested in writing. These quality product are free to download here.

    Book Backup Software
    Never lose your novel again, with this writer's backup tool!

    Secure-eBook Complete Solution has Launched Over the last three years, since the launch of Secure-eBook, hundreds of authors and publishers have been using Secure-eBook to sell their eBooks.
    The new Secure-eBook Complete Solution was launched recently and eBook authors and publishers have now even more reasons to use Secure-eBook. Not only do they still benefit from Secure-eBook's automated purchase and secured delivery processes, they now also get their own Web site, including a Blog, and their eBooks freely displayed on eBookTika.
    The new offer includes the following elements, all in one single service:

  • A Web site with an integrated Blog engine that will help you sell more eBooks
  • The already renowned Secure-eBook fully automated purchase process that makes it easy for you to quickly start selling your eBooks
  • The successful Secure-eBook secured automated eBook delivery process providing instant gratification to your clients
  • Visibility for your eBooks by making them listed for free on eBookTika to help you sell more eBooks.

    WP Sales Letter
    WP Sales Letter makes it easier than ever before to write your sales letter. WP Sales Letter is a WordPress plugin. Some Features Include:
    * Built In Copywriter Idea Generator
    * Copywriter Idea Generator
    * Built In Video Player
    * Testimonial Audios
    * Easy Plugin To Use and Much MORE!!!!
    Single Site License $47
    Multi Site License $77
    Developers License $97

    Butterfly Reports
    Instantly Create Viral Ebooks On The Fly For Free.

    The world's first downloadable PDF branding tool. Use it to make your special reports, eBooks and articles truly Viral!

    Glyphius - Ad Copy Scoring Software.
    Old Copywriting Pro's and Beginning Writers Alike Are Discovering The Brand New Software That Allows You To Improve The Profitability Of Your Ad Copy Using A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Of Thousands Of Current and Previously Successful Ads. Use this software to improve your sales using the experience of thousands of successful marketers.

    The Complete Guide To Profit On eBooks!
    A complete description of how to create and/or sell ebooks with tools you already have, or is freely available on the Internet!

    WordFlood is a powerful word replacement program designed to help writers, internet marketers, and 'private label rights' users find the right words and phrases fast!

    eWriter Pro
    "Now You Can Create Stunning PDF Files in an Instant - Without the Expensive Software!" Five minutes from now you can start creating universally readable PDF files with the click of a button!

    Freelance Writer's Glossary
    Discover the 48 essential terms every freelance writer must know and increase your potential income.

    Secure-eBook offers the technology needed to publish and protect eBooks. It provides authors and editors with one of the most efficient eBook protection system, and makes eBook publishing easy and accessible to anyone. Secure-eBook integrates Document Rights Management (DRM) and eBook security, and offers features addressing selling and publishing of eBooks.

    Tamago is a peer-to-peer e-commerce system for e-Books, short stories, poems, articles, greeting cards, photos, music, videos, games, software, well anything digital. You set your own royalty and the retail price is computed from that. Every person that buys your piece is automatically a reseller and gets a commission on what their computer delivers. This is the essence of viral marketing. You always get your royalty on every sale.

    Sales Letter Creator.
    Software that allows you to quickly and easily create sales letter style websites for maximum profit.

    Instant online ebook publishing.
    Instantly publish, promote, distribute and sell unlimited ebooks across multiple web sites with eBookoMatic.

    A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook
    "A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook" is a 120-page interactive PDF-formatted eBook that will show you how to promote and sell your self-published eBook without costing you a dime. Endorsed by "Mr. Self-Published" Dan Poynter, this eBook explains why self-publishing eBooks is one of the most viable, not to mention profitable, ways of earning income with little or no overhead. From creating a personalized killer guerilla marketing plan to ways to turn your website into a viral marketing machine, this eBook revolutionizes our old way of thinking about publishing and carves a new way to provide authors with an alternative that will provide them with instant results which leads to more profits and self-satisfaction.

    Easy Way to Create eBooks Using Visual C++
    Would you like to know how, step-by-step, to create your own eBook using Visual C++? Would you like to know how to write a real world Visual C++ application: from initial concept to implementation? Are you looking for a way to create your own executable eBooks without having to buy a commercial eBook compiler? Do you want full control over the way your eBook function and look? You can customize the source codes to add your own program functions, such as encryption, user registration and many more possibilities. Are you having trouble finding an eBook compiler that suits your unique needs? Why not create your own executable eBook that fulfills all your needs?

    Text to Phone
    Free book-reading service for cell phones and PDAs. Choose from a selection of preloaded ebooks, upload your own, or request your favorite ebook from Project Gutenberg.

    Bookeen: the first multi-format ebook device
    Bookeen introduces the world's first open ebook device: the Cybook. Thanks its page size screen, the Cybook is the ideal companion to discover the pleasure of ebook reading in all formats (HTML, PDF, TXT, RTF, PRC).

    Brandable ebooks and articles
    It is an open directory of brandable ebooks and articles. The ideal place to find content for your site that you can brand with your own affiliate links. Or promote your own brandable ebooks there. This is an effective viral marketing concept and its all free.

    A tool which allows you to easily apply various security settings to your PDF files - at the click of a button.

    Copywriting For The Internet
    Bob Serling Step by Step Paint by Numbers Copywriting Course. Now you can increase your profits as much as 917% with a simple, proven formula for creating much more effective web copy.

    EBook Maestro
    EBook Maestro is a versatile universal compiler for digital information products (such as eBooks, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Software Wizards, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, etc.) eBooks compiled with eBook Maestro support all character sets and can contain and open any files: HTML Pages, Graphic Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Style Sheets, Flash Files, Sound Files, Video Files, etc.

    CB Product Download Protection
    Stop people from stealing your ClickBank downloads now! Expiring download links, receipt validation and access control, and more.

    Download Defender - Defend Your Products
    Download Defender - Incredible Download Protection System. Protect Your Products (and Profits) from Online Thieves.

    eBook Compiler Software
    Fully functional ebook compiler with resell rights - easy information products creator.

    Software that helps people write a novel - over 50,000 copies already sold! An easy to use, and highly credible software programme that will quickly help you start and finish - writing your novel.

    ClickBank is a very easy and cost effective way to start selling ebooks and other internet products. Highly recommended.

    New E-book Software
    Discover How to Boost Traffic and Gain Instant Credibility With This Revolutionary New E-book Software! This new e-book marketing breakthrough will show you how to use the power of multiplication to conquer your website traffic dilemma. How to implement "Viral Marketing Magic" into your website marketing strategy to crush your competition. Click here today!!

    How To Make Money With Content
    In this special report Cody Moya explores some of the best ways to make money online - specifically how to make money using content you have the right to use or modify. He presents a step by step action plan that you can put into use to begin immediately tapping into the potential of this profitable and rewarding Internet niche. This very informative special report is 21 pages long and and free to download.

    You Can Write Books
    Learn how to write books publishers will WANT to publish.

    New Sales Page Builder
    The Secret To Instantly Creating Professional Sales Copy-Without Spending A Single Dime on Copywriting Fees.

    Unleash The Marketing Power Of RSS
    A complete marketer's guide to marketing and publishing using RSS. Marketers need to adopt RSS as one of their central internet marketing and publishing tools, if they are to succeed in the rapidly changing world of internet marketing and publishing ...

    myFREEbookstore.com will provide you with the tools to generate your own unlimited income from selling the hottest Internet information using our 'Click & Sell" technology PLUS help you grab to a huge chunk of monthly residual commissions and a slice of the $millions spent on information EVERY DAY on the Internet - Let us show you NOW!

    Increase typing speed
    Imagine typing as fast as you think.
    Imagine writing your reports with speed and ease.
    Imagine replying to emails in half the time.

    The Web's Easiest To Use eBook Compiler
    Easy to use eBook creation software. Free trials.

    eBook eCover Design at a very resonable price.

    Ebook tools and resources
    A selection of quality ebook tools are now available:

    Desktop Author
    Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create digital web books. Digital web books are any type of e-publication including e-brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, online resumes, quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys. And now you can easily turn your digital web books into web pages with no need for HTML, ASP or other programming knowledge.

    eBook Pro Software
    Find out how to package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc. into secure eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service too! Click here for more information.

    The Insider Secrets To eBook Self-Publishing
    Discover how you can create hot selling ebook from scratch about any topic, without writing a word, in a record time, and watch your bank account explode - 100% GUARANTEED -

    Disable pirated/refunded copies of your products!

    Writing & Photography - A $Winning$ Combination
    Writers! Sell more. Earn more. Learn why you need to add photos to your work. Learn how you to add photos without even owning a camera. NEW $8.95

    Instant Query Letters Software
    This simple Q and A format creates a professional query letter instantly that will encourage editors and agents to contact you immediately for the complete manuscript.

    Desktop Author
    Desktop Author innovative desktop publishing software creates digital web books with virtual 3D turning pages. Desktop Author digital web books can be distributed by email, floppy disk, CD or via download on your Web site.

    Cover Art for eBooks and Software
    Skyrocket your eBook or Software sales and Downloads! Take a look at some examples we've done recently!

    Ebook Starter
    Do-it-yourself ebook design kit including over 100 predesigned ebook interface and cover templates.

    eBook Website Self-Publishing
    Knowledge Download provides a ebook website builder tool that is easy to use and eliminates html. Knowledge Download also provides free tutorials, articles and an ezine to learn how to write, produce, publish and market your ebook.

    top rankingWould You Like To Run Your Internet Business Without Worrying About Traffic Anymore?

    This book is Your Ultimate Saver.

    Discover How I created This Simple Strategy To Catapult My Website To Multiple Top 10 Rankings on the Google Search Engine While Driving Truckloads of Laser Targeted Traffic Without Spending A Penny!

    Click here to discover the hidden secrets

    Internet Marketing Courses There are 2 courses that I am happy to recommend to you. Choose either or buy all 2 for an even greater understanding and knowledge. They are:

      Internet Marketing Center
      This top selling Internet Marketing Course is well worth promoting, and Im sure your contacts and clients will thank you for selling it to them. You should also buy it yourself to truly boost your net sales.

      1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics
      This is the (now famous) flag-ship marketing course written by Mark Joyner. An interactive internet marketing course around widely regarded by many in the know as the most effective Internet marketing course on the market.

    Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank!!
    The Powerful new book by Rick Beneteau puts YOU on the fast track to becoming an Internet Celebrity. Not only does Rick teach you step-by-step how he did it, he also asked many of the top Internet personalities to share their success secrets with you. If you're at all serious about achieving success on the Internet, you need to start Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank!!
    Highly Recommended. Details here.

    Automate Virtually Every Aspect of Your Internet Business In Just 7 Minutes Flat - Guaranteed!

    A totaly integrated solution which includes and automated ordering system, affiliate program software, autoresponder, add tracker, and email list manager. An automated and integrated package is the easiest way to create internet sales profits. This is raesonably priced and well worth considering.
    Details here

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