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    Politics ebooks

    Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best
    Designed by expert speech coach, Dr Jeannette Kavanagh, this downloadable program skyrockets your inner confidence, provides a guide to splendid presentations and lets you conquer the world s #1 fear.

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    2012 Conservative Election Handbook
    In November 2012 American Will Elect Over 600,000 People To Public Office. Conservative Citizens Will Be Running In All Of Those Elctions. Every One Of Them Will Be Helped By A Campaign Team. Every Member Of Every Campaign Team Needs This Handbook. Learn how to choose and prepare your candidate, do fundraising, and persuade voters Guides for voter identification, media buying, opposition research Over 250 pages of explicit, straightforward instructions

    How To Survive The Coming Food Crisis
    What would happen if a natural, civil or economic disaster prevented us from growing, transporting and importing food? This free 30-page ebook shows you the vulnerabilities of our food system. As you read, youíll discover it's not a matter of IF the food system collapses. It's more an issue of WHEN and how bad will it be. It also explains the basics to storing emergency rations. Stuff you need to know to keep your family alive during a food shortage. And lastly, it shows how even an urbanite can live off the land.

    World Peace Starts With You
    You'll have concrete and convincing arguments when confronted by national government officials and/or skeptical neighbors and even family members. You'll read dynamic and inspiring quotes from famous people, both past and present on the subject of humanity, world government and world law. If you're a parent, you'll be able to explain simply and clearly the CAUSE of war and the SOLUTION to world peace to your confused and scared children. You'll learn the real meaning of "world law" and "world citizenship."

    Privacy War
    Do you know just how closely you are being watched? Or how easily your life could be destroyed when your privacy is taken away.

    Speaking For Millions
    How to make really big money as a professional speaker. Let one of the nationís top speakers teach you how, in this practical step-by-step instructional book that will get you started on the right track to speaking success.

    Freemasonry Inside-Out. 'I Was Hoodwinked'
    He only found the secret of Freemasonry after he left after 20 years membership. His fascinating research has even caused existing members to reconsider their positions.

    Free Cash Government Grants & Loans, Ins
    Loans, Consolidations, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Home Loans, Line Of Credit.

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