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    Ebook Architect: How to write and profit from Ebooks

    Gambling ebooks

    Because gambling is such a fast-paced activity, players need information fast. That's why eBooks are such a valuable resource in the gambling world; they provide a quick reference tool, valuable for their ability to temporarily highlight passages and automatically search for terms. WisdomeBooks' selection of gambling eBooks ranges from strategy guides that will help you beat the odds at such popular casino gambling games as roulette, blackjack and sportsbetting to industry insider information about making the most of casino affiliate programs. They can be used from your personal computer or even on your cell phone, so you can readily have access to some of the most effective online gambling strategies at your fingertips!

    For a wide range of gambling book reviews, we recommend you visit Casino Online.

    Live Poker Gold
    This is a unique 3-part course which shows internet poker players how to crush live casino poker games. This is especially useful for US players after the recent online poker crackdown - though equally valueable for players worldwide!

    Make $300 in 9 minutes and $100/hr after. This FREE e-book is 100% Guaranteed to work for you or we will pay you. Win fast and easily every time you play roulette. Make $400 a day and $12,000 a month! Completely Legal and available to all countries (Even the USA)

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    Risk Free Betting Guide
    - Download Your Free Copy Today
    UCantLose Ltd are currently giving away their excellent Risk Free Betting Guide. They have used their decade of betting expertise to produce a very clear and informative guide that will definitely help boost your betting balance. This guide was selling for 19.99 a few months ago and I urge you to grab a copy today before they start charging again. UCantLose Ltd have been around since 2003 and have an excellent reputation for highly profitable services and first class customer support.

    Free Poker Table Plans
    They show you how to build your own poker table for under $200. You can download the free poker table plans as well as a step by step guide to teach you exactly how to build a poker table or poker table top.

    The Roulette System
    Ex Croupier Reveals Secret Strategy To Make You Fast Cash Tonight.
    The Roulette System is essentially 3 systems in one. The systems cover online roulette, slots and live roulette. In this ebook you will find:

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • 19 Casinos To Choose From
  • How to get Over 2781 Free Without Even Depositing A Penny!
  • Fully Explained System with no Prior Knowledge Of Roulette Needed.
  • How To Easily Withdraw your Money to your Bank Account
  • Plus lots more.

    Bet on Horses
    This exceptionally detailed step by step blueprint on how to make a killing at horse racing will allow you to replicate the exact formula they use to generate thousands of dollars.

    Blackjack mastery.
    Stop being a loser at blackjack. Play like me and turn hundreds into hundreds of thousands. Professional Blackjack Strategies By Professional Players.

    Blackjack System
    The Blackjack System is a guide written by a gambling professional showing the best possible way of making a fast profit from blackjack. The method uses statistical data, casino bonuses and tournament strategies to give the player the best chance of walking away with a profit from the casino. The manual describes in detail how 1500+ was achieved in just two days. In the manual the buyer is provided with further information on how to use the techniques explained in detail in the manual to profit in a total of 18 online casinos. Whether a beginner or blackjack pro this manual contains lots of useful information to improve your blackjack game and for anyone who wants to make a greater profit from blackjack and pick up some great tips to increasing their wins, this is the perfect guide.

    The Banker System
    This ebook is about baccarat strategies and how you can easily profit from them. As soon as you join you are given access to an instant download. Tthe manual is very easy to follow with everything set out in a step by step format. It's fully illustrated with screenshots and access to videos of the system in live play, everything is covered, nothing is left to guesswork. The system states that you will see certain patterns in live play card games and it was right! The patterns are actually very easy to spot and also to exploit when you know how.

    Matched Betting Guide   (right click and "save target as")
    Matched Betting is a form of betting that can be used to extract free bets or cashback offers from bookies at very low risk. This free guide contains quality information about how to generate 1,000+ profit in a couple of weeks.

    Poker Nutz Online Gaming Cash Course
    Secrets that Online Sharks use to destroy little Poker Fishies.

    Horse Betting Strategy   (right click and "save target as")
    How you can profit from horse betting and get a leg-up over other betters. Includes basics, strategies and resources to use.

    Winning Online Poker Strategy
    Learn how to play online poker as a business. Pokerstar reveals how to win in online poker rooms and the secrets of winning!

    Poker Affiliates Guide
    The complete guide to making money online with poker affiliate programs.

    Micon Secrets
    Why are wasting YOUR time using poker strategies that don't work?
    "Discover The Secret Strategies That Are Proven To Make More Final Tables, Win More SitNGos, and Extract More Cash From Ring Games!" Finally... Even "Average" Poker Player Can Boost Their Bankroll, Make More Cash, And Establish A Pro Status Using Our Insider Secrets That's Taken Us A Combined 19 Years To Master!

    The Bettor's Guide to Sports Investing
    The Bettor's Guide to Sports Investing teach you to same principles used by professional sports wagerers. This ebook shows you how hitting 57-60% of your picks can win you money.

    Betfair Race Trading Formula
    I present a unique groundbreaking eBook containing techniques and strategies that guarantee you will be highly successful on Betfair and the Betting Exchanges. I teach the professional secrets behind Power Trading, unique Bookmaking and Dutching methodologies all with fully illustrated diagrams and configurations. I finish with insider information on form study.

    Low Risk Bets For Long Term Profits
    Don't Lose Your Shirt! - low risk bets for long term profits. Discover the secrets of how you can turn 100 into 1,500 in under 12 months, following these easy to use systems for low risk bets. There's also a great review/link to show how you can also clear over 5,000 profit from the online casinos in just over 6 months using simple step by step instructions!

    Richest Lotteries Winner's Secrets
    Learn How to Play Richest Lotteries for FREE and Build a Home Based Business Around Them!

    Win every week on the UK Lotto & EuroMillions
    Free eBook reveals how thouseands of people from over 130 countries play two of the worlds richest lotteries - 4 FREE. Put simply, why don't you get paid again, and again, and again with a product sold to millions every single day?

    Roulette for the Leisure Gambler
    There is no "winning system," but sound money management and a sane betting strategy can minimize the house edge and maximize your chances of leaving the table a winner. Roulette for the Leisure Gambler shows you how.

    Casual Gambler's Guide To Slot Machines
    E-Book reveals a simple, fun system for winning big slot machine jackpots.

    Online Black Jack Secrets E-book
    Cheat Online Casinos by playing Black Jack with our Unique Strategy!

    RaceXpert Horse Racing Software
    The RaceXpert Horse Racing Software Package is without doubt the BEST suite of Bookie-Bashing tools that you can ever hope to find, anywhere !!

    Playing To Win
    Sixteen great casino gambling systems in one E-Book. There are systems for Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and many others.

    Casino Affiliate Secrets
    If I told you the secrets of how casino super affiliates make in excess of $50,000 every month would you be interested?

    Secrets of Zero-Risk Internet Betting
    Ex-Bookie Reveals How to Make 100% GUARANTEED INTERNET BETTING PROFITS! .plus FREE 1yr ezine subscription.

    Arbitrage betting
    'Arbitrage trading' is taking advantage of the differences between markets - in this case it's the bookmaker's market on sporting events - to construct a certain profit for yourself on each and every deal you make, without the chance of ever incurring a loss.

    Beat The Wheel
    Our betting strategies are proven, they don't let you "win every time", but they will send you home with a profit, more often than not, IF you follow them faithfully.

    DNA of Numbers (TM) / Zero, Its Power and Potential
    A new revolutionary discovery about the "other side" of numbers, the power of zero and how to get to zero using letters or dice.

    Best Shot Video Poker - The Ebook
    Expert Jacks or Better Video Poker play has never been made easier. In about an hour, even inexperienced draw poker players can be actually playing mistake free video poker with a complete understanding and a small print out of the best condensed strategy guide ever devised for the game.

    Great Gambling Systems
    Professionals reveal powerful global gambling systems for Horse Racing, Lotteries, Sports Tournaments and many more!

    Winning Systems
    Professional gambling System CD-Rom contains almost 50 winning gambling systems. These are not gambling systems and guides that you will find elsewhere for free, these are professionally written gambling systems and guides that have previously been sold for large sums of money.

    The Ultimate Blackjack System
    Is blackjack truly a winnable game? Learn the real truth behind the game of blackjack.
    Discover how to really beat the odds and have them in your favor.
    Insights of each blackjack hand to play and how to play them.
    When to hit, stand, split and double down for absolute blackjack success.
    How to completely remove the casino's advantage and leave the casino a guaranteed winner.
    A Simple Card Counting System...
    And Much More...and price is just $0.50 (Fifty Cents).

    First Step Poker affiliate program
    First Step Poker is an instructional ebook that teaches beginning poker players how to play Texas Hold'em (the game played at the World Series of Poker), Omaha Hold'em, and Seven-Card Stud. Every 10th customer receives a free ebook, and the first 100 customers are entered to win $100!

    Turners Winners Galore
    Finally a Horse Racing Betting Formula that does work, no BULL, check the figures...   3323.53 pts profit, without using any "Magical Staking System" or Bookie Beating scam!

    Slot Machine Report
    Our 81-page Slot Report is the only publication in print with info on how to save 100's and 1000's of dollars playing slots.

    My Mathematical Formula
    Horse Racing Publications.

    27 Horse Racing Systems
    Very easy to use horse racing betting system's that will help you get the edge over the bookie. Each system is explained in detail with step by step instructions to get the best from them.

    Roulettebucks.com Gambling Secrets
    FAMOUS gambling Ebook about beating the game of roulette.

    Beat the Casino - Advanced Blackjack
    Learn to count cards like a master.

    Video Slot Tips
    Written by a repair technician, learn the best way to extend bonus rounds on video slots. Visit our site fo 15 free sample tips and a free slot quiz.

    Profitable Punting
    My E-book 'Profitable Punting' offers Horseracing tips & easy to follow betting advice. This book shows how I make selctions. After reading this book and by following it's simple but effective methods you to will achieve profit or increase your profits from horse-race betting.

    Insider Sports Report
    Why Choose An Immitator When You Can Have THE REAL DEAL! WE ARE The #1 Sports Handicapping Service on the Internet.

    LuckySam Picks the Lotto and Wins!
    Proven system to INCREASE YOUR ODDS.

    Saturday Horse Racing Betting System
    How I turned $1,000 into $5,000 by betting on British horse racing on Saturday afternoons.

    Free Lottery eBook!
    eBook tells all about 60 free lotteries.

    Maximum Profit Blackjack
    Winning Blackjack System.

    Butch The Gambler's Betting System
    TV host becomes financially secure with his straight forward, uncomplicated betting system, 30 winning years of gambling.

    Planning a Lotto Win
    Mastermind Publications provides mathematical plans for Lotto and Powerball to increase winning chances!

    Online Gaming EGuide.

    Lottery Systems That Nevers STOP Winning
    Abbreviated Lottery Wheeling Systems that NEVER stop WINNING!

    Lottoblaster 2000
    At the very WORST you must have at least 4 numbers correct !

    The Complete Blackjack Center
    FREE BLACKJACK Power Secrets E-Mail Mini-Course.

    Online Casino Winning Systems
    Provides an ebook that gives methods of playing at casinos.

    Take Charge Gambling for Winners
    Your Hard Headed Guide to Gambling for Money.

    TOTE & Bookie Beater
    Horse Race Gambling Assistant.

    A1 Handicapping
    Handicapping Instruction for Thoroughbred Players.

    Great Gambling Systems
    Professionals reveal powerful global gambling systems for Horse Racing, Lotteries, Sports Tournaments and many more!

    Saturday Horse Racing Betting System
    How I turned $1,000 into $5,000 by betting on British horse racing on Saturday afternoons.

    Secrets of Zero-Risk Internet Betting
    Ex-Bookie Reveals How to Make 100% GUARANTEED INTERNET BETTING PROFITS! .plus FREE 1yr ezine subscription.

    Online Gaming EGuide.

    Secrets Of Ex-Blackjack Dealer Revealed
    Become A Consistent Blackjack Winner Using This Quality 40 Page Manual. Guaranteed System.

    Internet Marketing For Casino/Sportsbook
    Internet Marketing Secrets for Casino and Sportsbook Affiliate Marketers.

    Beat Your Book
    The #1 sports handicapping site on the internet.

    Sports Betting By GreatGamblingSystems
    Sports Betting Strategies For Guaranteed Profit!

    R.I.W. Professional Laying System
    The goal of my RIW Professional LAYING, FLAT & NH, Systems are to find those horses, which have little or no chance of winning due to certain essential race data criteria which is backed up with PROVEN statistical data and results. This will help YOU create BIG consistent long term profits from laying horses on the betting exchanges .

    A Ph.D. reveals the secret of how to earn 25% to 50% on your money each and every month in just twenty minutes a day. 30 years of statistics and a winning record every year! Or you can hire Dr. Weiss to pick the winner for you.

    The Wagering Edge

    Casino Gambling Made Easier
    Five best bets: video poker, craps, blackjack, slots and baccarat with winning strategies. Also roulette, wager management and worst bets. Top Las Vegas and Laughlin casinos. Eight illustrations included. Revised/updated.

    More Casino Gambling Made Easier
    Expands five best bets to 10 with accurate strategies for live poker, Sportbook and roulette. Much more slots and VP plus 10 worst bets. Includes Worldwide Casino Travelogue featuring the finest casinos around the globe. Revised and updated.

    Gayle's Gambling Guide
    The fast-track guide to a complete casino education. Five comprehensive chapters offer up 101 Casino Gambling tips that include best & worst bets with strategies, wager management and top casino choices.

    eBookForRoulette.com - Beat the odds
    Our proven roulette systems will have you winning within the first 30 minutes! No previous knowledge of Roulette is required, and these systems are 100% legal. Consistently make upwards of $1,500 per week applying our simple step-by-step techniques. We are so sure we can show you how to win at Roulette, that we offer a full guarantee!

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