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    Fiction & Poetry ebooks
    The Adventures of Kit Kat
    It s a great, big world out there and at times it can be an overwhelming and scary place for young children and even more so for a defenseless, young animal. In The Adventures of Kit Kat, a precocious kitten is lost in the desert and soon discovers the dangers of the wild. Scared, disorientated and desperately dehydrated, Kit Kat must brave the elements and trust her fate to three seemingly shady characters in order to find water. However by taking a chance on her newfound companions, Kit Kat learns a valuable lesson in perseverance, friendship and the meaning of home.

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    Huge collection of pulp-fiction for Download
    Get a huge collection (over 800 stories) in rtf, epub, html formats - 480mb ZIP file. The Pocketfiction project is dedicated to bringing you the best of classic pulp fiction and radio programs. If you are looking for any of these then this is the right place.

    Lali's Passage
    Fast-paced novel which follows the quirky episodes of Lali, a Burmese beauty who steals away from bondage in Thailand, and later finds herself destitute in California. She's adopted by a fledgling rock group. Sill later she gets lost in a California wilderness region, then taken in by a back-to-the-land Native American wannabe's camped in the California wilderness. With episodes in three continents, Lali's Passage weaves from one outlandish, yet believable scenario to another, and ends with a treasure hunt under a Burmese temple.

    Over My Dead Body
    How far will one man go to protect his daughter? When the director of child protective services attempts to use his position to remove a 3 year old from her home, the girl's father, responds violently. His action leaves three people dead, causing numerous legal and other problems for the entire family. With many twists of fate, the book tells the story of a man caught between love and the law.

    Erotic Tales Collection
    Download the Erotic Tales Collection of 10 short stories in one 380 page pdf ebook or if you prefer you can read each story individually. For a limited time the ebooks are free. They are are all text, so you can read discretely anywhere, anytime.
    The collection includes
    Lollipop - Poor Liana must endure hour after hour of erotic pleasure.
    Blind Lust - Anonymity changes people, even a woman as shy as Glenda.
    The Promise - Cast-away with a man who won't have sex, what's a girl to do?
    Strawberry Sunday - Jonathon loves strawberries. Emmy loves oral sex.
    Training Charlie - Charlie has much to learn. Jill is keen to teach him.
    Pleasure Peak - Beneath the ancient erotic monolith, it's time for the orgy to begin.
    Sex Scam - Alien visitors try to make sense of the sexual ways of earthlings.
    Sweet Deception - When it comes to sex, it can be hard to know just who is leading who.
    Sensual Journey - Some men love exploring every curve and crevice.
    Magic Touch - Will Nurse Sally's simple but daring therapy save the patient?

    The Illumination - A Short Story of the Magic of Life and The Light
    In a delightfully mystical short story, while deep in the vast wilderness of the Himalayan mountains the author encounters something very unexpected . . . answers to his innermost questions.
    "Always I have loved the vastness and beauty of nature, sensed some deep mystery here, some great and incomprehensibly profound meaning, as do many. One explores the great mountains, standing eternal like monumental impenetrable puzzles, inviting wonder and question. What is this vastness, what does it mean?—and the beauty, what is the cause of it? What makes it? What is this enormous energy of the world, the power, the life, the light?"

    No Reins
    At the tender age of fourteen, Angel, with a short, slender, good athletic body, long reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, and strong will of her own, was a tomboy. Raised on the family-owned and operated hundred acre, standard-bred horse farm, she had no problem helping her brothers, Tim and Jake, in tending to the horses in the barn or on race nights.
    At about the same age, a young man named Stephen from Quebec, entered her life. He left a lasting impression on her heart. Angel loved her family, but she longed to be with him. The only way to solve her problem was to leave the safety and comfort of her home and go to him at the racetrack.
    A twist, an unexpected curve brought unimaginable grief. Through deception, false friends, and secret enemies, she learns there are no straight lines in love, only the mystery of the curve.

    Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death
    To fully appreciate the catastrophic results of stupidity and selfishness, one must understand the nature of the relationships within a single group of humans.
    In one story, Serena describes herself as 'a kind of Black Widow' but,she has an annoying phobia of knives. So, exactly how does she aim to seek and destroy? In another, a killer remembers how his mother used to smell on her deathbed but will it ever equal that of his unfortunate victims? Next, a demon exacts her revenge on an misogynist ex by delivering a punishment fit for a king. Gossip can be the death of some people and it's these that a scorned female ghost wishes to avenge. Finally, is it wolves or sex-starved, horny men you should be worried about? Perhaps, it should be both.

    Author: David Carl Mielke
    Over a three day period, coordinated bombings have destroyed six American iconic landmarks, killing and injuring thousands, staggering the economy and triggering riots in cities across the nation. One of the targets is the world’s largest cruise ship that is destroyed by a hijacked airliner. Former FBI agent Sharon, her husband and two children are on board the ship. Sharon’s family is killed, but she miraculously survives and vows to avenge their murders. Lacking adequate proof and restricted by constitutional law, the government seems helpless to prevent further bombings. In a strange quirk of fate, Sharon is recruited by the President of the United States to penetrate a suspected home-grown terrorist cell and gather evidence to stop further attacks. But time is running out before the next round of devastating explosions. Sharon must act outside the law to save the country from unbridled anarchy and total economic collapse.
    Author’s Note: Amerageddon is a story that could be eerily prophetic. According to a recent national poll, over 70% of Americans think that an incident like 9-11 or worse will occur within the next two years.

    Inside Room 913
    Parkview Manor has a secret, and eighteen-year-old Cynthia is curious! When Cynthia Holt takes a job at a former sanitarium, now operating as an assisted living center, she instantly discovers something more is occurring than simply providing the elderly with housing and care. Something very strange is going on behind the locked door of Room 913! After she is warned to stay away from the room and to not discuss it or the occupant with her co-workers, she is even more intrigued - and suspicious! Letting her curious nature guide her, she immediately begins asking questions. When she finds that Room 913 has been closed off; locked and sealed for many years, her curiosity turns to concern. Though rumors abound, no one seems inclined to talk about it. Not giving up so easily, Cynthia persists in her pursuit until she finds out the truth - or does she?

    Churchsteeple text
    Novella which microchronicles two days in the life of exasperated English language teacher in Madrid.

    V.I.B. Very Important Belly
    V.I.B Very Important Belly is the story of a very sad little dog that hopes to find her forever home. She works very hard at being as cute as she can so when people come to the animal shelter they will fall in love with her and adopt her.

    The Cohasset Basset
    The Cohasset Basset is about a friendly little Basset that loves to go around town visiting all the people she knows. Adopting a rescued dog could provide you with your next best friend. The Cohasset Basset is $3.00.

    The Rhetorical Oracle
    In the mad world that exists today, nothing is exactly what it seems. Information on many topics is either hidden or distorted and sometimes totally ignored. We know that the truth is out there somewhere, but how do we find it and would we even recognise it if conventional sources are saying something different? In this case the Rhetorical Oracle can help you think and decide for yourself. The Rhetorical Oracle is a collection of 101 poems in simple rhymes accompanied by 101 of my pictures, which in some way connect to the subject. It is written with wit, irony, satire and comedy on a range of subjects that go far in explaining why the world is in such a sorry state, and how by using your brain and keeping a good sense of humour you too can find the truth you seek.

    Dragons Among Us
    The first two books in the Dragons Among Us series. Young Adult fantasy fiction about a 16-year-old, Katie has finally uncovered something else about herself. She may not be entirely human. When she and her family make contact with the secret, underground world of highly intelligent, shape-shifting dragons, the feisty teen endeavors to fulfill an ancient prophecy and lead the dragons back to a life on the surface, living again among humans. In the process, she must overcome her own personal demons in addition to ruthless enemies both human and dragon.

    A Naive Heart
    When Sarah meets and falls in love with John, a gentle school teacher, she couldnt be happier. But only weeks before their wedding, she learns he is a man with a secret. Broad-minded and undaunted, she still goes ahead with the big day. But there is yet worse to come for Sarah, as soon into their marriage the real Johns begins to evolve. She starts to grasp the true sexual nature of the man she married. He is clearly not the person she thought she knew and trusted. With each new discovery their relationship disintegrates a little more, but swearing his undying love and promising he'll never over indulge his fantasies again, Sarah desperately wants to believe him. And so she becomes determined once more to support her man and their fragile relationship. Johns control, however, weakens and he is consumed by his desires forcing him to lead a double life and fall further into the deepest of obsessions. His surreptitious behaviour hides an even bigger secret. The deception, devastation and hurt all come to the fore on their wedding anniversary when Sarah comes home early from work to surprise John. Heartbroken, she wonders if she or indeed their marriage can survive the journey her husband has embarked them upon. Based on a true story all names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

    Terror in a Teapot
    Rampaging Russians, Deadly Teapots, Twin Sleuths, Old Magicians and MURDER! Twin sleuths Goldie and Godiva, the Silver Sisters, are at it again. This time they're-tracking seven stolen teapots from Alaska to LA. To add to the fun, the twins' eighty-one-year-old mother and uncle, Flossie and Sterling Silver who are former vaudeville magicians, get into the act! The Russian samovar teapots sell quickly, but people begin to die.

    The Casket
    From the creative pen of L.K. Reppo comes not one, but four twisted tales of drama, mystery, and the supernatural, set in a period preceding World War II.

    Cedar Woman (The Cedar Woman Saga)
    Winner of the Best Native American Fiction Award 2011, Cedar Woman is a powerful book filled with courage, romance and the beliefs, ceremonies and language of the Lakota Sioux. Travel with her to Columbus, Ohio as she rebuilds her life, and the lives of her family. Join her in the sweat lodge as she follows Zitka Mine to the fifth step of the edge of the world to find her father's soul. Join her at powwow where she meets her half side. Consultant Julie Spotted Eagle Horse, descendant of Chief Spotted Eagle and Crazy Horse.

    My Starbucks Mermaid
    Author: Brian Baxter
    The Starbucks mermaid has always held a special appeal and fascination for the millions of customers who patronize this global coffee chain, and has become the symbol and centerpiece of one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. She has been swimming subliminally in the collective consciousness of consumers for a long time, yet until now, no one has engaged the sexuality of this enigmatic sea-goddess so directly, so provocatively, so explicitly as Brian Baxter does in this audacious account of interspecies intercourse—with a splash! My Starbucks Mermaid goes boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before—all the way into the mystical deeps with this seductive siren and her promise of pleasures even more compelling than caffeine. Though many suspected that the Starbucks mermaid had a wild side, who really knew that she was “a secret wanton,” harboring her own yearnings and desires, that she “would spread her legs for the right guy.” The narrative shifts deftly from the sensual to the subversive to the sublime, making this improbable love affair as real as any—in all its slippery implausibility. Both poetic and perverse, My Starbucks Mermaid is sure to provoke and entertain those readers who are prepared to take the plunge with the world’s most celebrated maritime maiden.

    What Happens In Between
    One affair
    One big mistake
    One consequence
    With everything to live for; a brilliant job and beautiful fiancée, Gregory's pretty much got it made. When he develops a close friendship with his PA, Peter; secrets are exposed and hearts are broken, leaving Greg with a race against time to try and mend his already fragile family.

    Cold Case in Ellsyon
    Kathleen lives out the legacy of her grandfather she, too, works in law enforcement. With her training, she sets out to solve the cold case of her grandmother s murder, but in seeking justice, Kathleen also discovers there is danger in working alone. Her best friend and fellow officer, Joe, helps her in this journey where they ultimately find the truth about themselves.

    A Question of Privilege (The Judge Ment Series)
    Judges are there to judge or so they say. They listen to the evidence, evaluate it, apply the law and logical reasoning, and deliver a judgment or verdict. But Judges are also human beings with personalities, personal lives, and weaknesses. Enter the world of Judge William L Ment, a dashing, witty and controversial judge with an eye and nose for beautiful women. Ment has all the skills and knowledge of a brilliant judge, but he also possesses strong intuitive faculties and his own special brand of logic. When a brutal murder takes place and Ment is the trial judge, this cognitive faculty takes over, and Ment finds himself on the trail of a serial killer. How and where will he solve the problem?
    "Fast-paced and an intriguing twister" by a South African Criminal law expert."
    "A legal mystery with a touch of psychology and wit"
    "An adult crime mystery novel."

    A City Without Pity
    A serial killer walks the city streets, claiming a new victim each week. No sign of forced entry, not trace evidence, and no real leads. The city is gripped by fear as Steven Gauge works day and night to catch teh killer before he can kill again.

    Miscarriage Of Justice
    The justice system is just a system, not a just system. Sentenced to fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Ethan Rafferty has one thing on his mind - payback! With his time up, the ex-con is free to pursue his mission of revenge. During the trial, the District Attorney, Mariana Clark, suppressed evidence that would've exonerated him and now is the focus of Ethan’s vengeance. Intent on making her life a living hell, he works daily to antagonize and torment the woman. Unable to retaliate through the courts, considering the role she played, Mariana chooses to fight fire with fire. Soon, their feud escalates to a point where neither imagined it would go. Which one will prevail, Ethan or Mariana? Can either? Or, are both of them bound to a destiny produced by a Miscarriage of Justice? You will never look at the court system the same again!

    When suburban housewife Paige learns that her alcoholic husband, Jim, is frequenting online hook up sites, she sets out on a quest to find out just how far he will go. Along with seedy internet sex sites, spyware reveals a long forgotten mystery. When Paige encounters Jessie, a misfit with a grudge, her plan to deceive Jim with a fake identity escalates and takes a murderous turn. Paige becomes hopelessly entangled in depression and her internet alter ego. When she discovers that Jim's secrets are more monstrous than she imagined, she struggles to avoid a psychological meltdown and must twist her plan in order to solve the mystery, save her children and regain her sanity.

    Mo - The Talking Dog
    'Mo' is an animal adventure story for children aged around 8-12 years of age featuring a talking dog. Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if he/she could talk? You don't have to wonder anymore! This is the story of a puppy called Mo who is rescued from drowning by Martin, a boy who's Dad Henry is a veterinarian. Mo is unable to bark and Henry decides to help him by getting a scientist friend to grow him a new voicebox in a laboratory. After the surgery, Mo starts making human-like sounds and the family realize that life is about to get a lot more interesting! The family parrot, Mimic, helps teach Mo how to talk - they both learn a lot from children's television! Mo is soon talking almost like a human and starts making friends and enjoying scaring cats and the odd seagull with his unique ability. But he's also making enemies as well ...

    Centauri A Sci Fi Technothriller
    Its high suspense for Lt. Robert Sears. In trying to make his mark as an astronaut, he's not satisfied with his routine mission to Mars along with Captain Hills and the crew. He's astonished after a starship battle explodes over the surface destroying their space shuttle "The Mayflower". The captain is injured and Sears takes charge. He has the crew return with Drayden (a Centaurian) and the horror begins. Sears is betrayed and must decide between two worlds which are his ally and his enemy. Sears struggles against alien creatures, fights for his life through starship battles and finds the most astounding discovery imaginable in a parallel universe. Despite his efforts, he must embrace the awful reality that he may lose his crew forever. Also, he's challenged to save Earth before its conquered by an advanced civilization who wants to destroy everyone except for the strong and turn them into slave gladiators for spectacle entertainment. Can Sears win in time before its too late?

    The Big Goodbye (Soldier Mysteries Book 1)
    Someone is following Lauren Lewis. She ducks into the office of PI, Jimmy 'Soldier'¯ Riley, not to hire him, but to find out if he's the one following her. Back when they were lovers he told her if he ever decided to, shed never know he was there. Its1940's Panama City, Florida. The world is at war, and the growing panhandle paradise is doing its part. Tyndall Field is training pilots. Wainwright Shipyard is building battleships. The Naval Section Base is protecting vessels in the Gulf. The Dixie Sherman Hotel is hosting celebrities such as Clark Gable. Harry Lewis, a wealthy banker, is running for mayor, unaware his wife is running for her life.
    The story of a guy, a girl, and a gun, The Big Goodbye is Florida Noir at its finest.

    The Hundred Best English Poems.
    100 of the best-loved and well-known english poems. Download here

    Amock Comedy Magazine
    A 32 page monthly magazine of irreverent humor. Spoof news, short stories, gags and much much more in this fully illustrated publication that's guaranteed to raise a smile.

    Catwalk A Feline Odyssey
    "Catwalk A Feline Odyssey" is the story of a young comfort-loving tabby cat who suddenly finds herself adrift in a big, impersonal, and occasionally hostile world. She is befriended by many, abused by a few, but her indomitable spirit always carries her through.

    The Cold November Son
    Manhood, it is that imaginary line that every teenage boy must cross but when a teenage boy from a small town in South Dakota takes what he believes is the first step out of adolescence he has no idea how close to the line of adulthood he is stepping. The summer of 1983 starts innocently enough for thirteen year old Tommy with the gift of a shotgun, and an invitation to join his father in the upcoming hunting season. However, the innocence of that moment quickly evaporates as the son learns that life isn’t as perfect as it may once have appeared to be and Tommy is about to come face to face with a decision that no teenager should ever have to make. The Cold November Son takes the reader on a voyage that explores the boundaries of love and mercy. It is a love story unlike any you have read before. Will the son honor his father's wishes? What secrets will be revealed? Those questions will be answered as Tommy is about to partake in one final and violent act of kindness? Come along on the journey and see for yourself. The Cold November Son is available on amazon.com in both a soft cover for $9.99 and Kindle edition $3.99.

    Of Such Is The Kingdom, A Novel of Biblical Times in 2 parts, 2nd editon
    A powerful blending of stories of seekers who might have lived in the time of the Christ, told with a unique writing style, which combines poetry, straight dialogue and 1st person stream-of-consciousness narrative with the 3rd person narration. In 33 A.D, a cynical, non-conformist salesman, a disgruntled blacksmith, and a musing mendicant all seek something better. The non-conformist, is Herod=92s foster brother, whom Herod hires to prepare an insurrection against his untrusted rival Pilate. Manaheem picks the blacksmith, Barabbas, as leader, to the dismay of Barabbas' Godly but fearful wife. The mendicant, a young man, joins with an older beggar, completely unsympathetic to his musings. Meanwhile, Pontius Pilate sees himself as a weak ruler, but his wife pushes him to be stronger and to even take over Herod=92s kingdom. The novel covers the insurrection against Pilate, a robbery, and the events leading up to the Crucifixion. There is even a flashback to the visit of the Magi.

    The Queen of The Castle ISBN 9780987048806
    It is true that a few chapters in my book reveal rare insights of how Renata thought and acted in the business, how she discovered her own formula to achieve success by staying true to herself. However, most of the content will take you into the very real experiences of her fascinating life: love and divorce, invitation to Hollywood, business ventures, traveling adventures and even an unreported attempt to murder my heroine by her own friend. Generally, it is all about the meaning of life and real life answer to the question: Can we achieve our dreams and can we live our dreams? The answer is yes and my book is not a fantasy but a reality; a reality based on real life. It will inspire and encourage you to believe in yourself, never give up and live your dreams.

    Murder at the End of the World
    Murder in an isolated city, a politician's wife. A young detective named Allison Newberry is sent to keep the case from growing cold. Bizarre clues are purposefully left behind, leading towards a secret big enough to kill for. Nothing is ever simple in Illdara and no one leaves unchanged.

    Alice In Wonderland
    Lewis Carroll's classic story about the adventures of a little girl in a magic land. This free PDF book contains full text of the story and 42 classic illustrations by John Tenniel.

    The Kings' Council
    Long ago, the gods created the fey people in their image. The fire fey were created by the God of Fire, Hesta, while the water, wind, and earth fey were created by the other gods, Euria, Haizea, and Irati. Those same gods passed their essence and powers into the bodies of the four most devout noblemen in the land, creating the first elemental kings of the fey. The Eurian king was given the han...ds of water, the Haizean king was given the hands of wind, the Iratian king was given the hands of earth, and the Hestian king was given the hands of fire. For thousands of years, those divine powers have been passed from each king to his firstborn prince until now. The Kings' Council is the story of Alazne Katarin Lorea Viteri, the princess of the fire fey. When a rebellious thief frees the fire-wielding princess from the castle that has served as her prison since birth, she is forced to decide between taking the crown that is rightfully hers and living the life of a normal woman.

    Tales of Haydon
    The Tales of Haydon are four loosely-interlinked high fantasy tales of mages, princes, kings, and mysterious maidens. Explore the hidden city; battle the Queen's Champion, Lady Sarita; meet shape-shifters; and hear tales of regret from a King's boyhood.
    1500 words.
    Top Ten Amazon Free Fantasy book.

    A Garage Sale From My Brain
    This is a twelve poem volume of poetry about the life of a woman, from birth to death and everywhere in between. It sells online for $2.75.

    Shakespeare Ashes
    On a world where it is possible to heal in moments, lift vehicles, and fly, the normal humans live in awe of the powerful. But don't call them heroes. Though a few of these superhumans have proved altruistic, most of the men and women with enhanced abilities have purchased them, for reasons that cover all seven deadly sins... spanning a galaxy of characters and situations, Chris DeBrie brings you a comic book in novel form.

    Up From Down
    Up from Down is not a book about gloom and doom, but an inspirational book that offers hope to all who have faltered. Strung out on heroin, Ted Adamson began his journey with a S.W.A.T. team descending on a pharmacy to stop his wild rampage in search of drugs. From the cruelty in the county jail to race riots in state prison, the hard, gritty life of a drug addict is portrayed in all its real-world ugliness and despair. Join Ted as he gives us a picture of what the life of a junkie is really like. Look inside the dark side of drug treatment programs. From the bizarre therapies of the Synanon-like Family to the modern twelve-step programs, you will see what passes as treatment in the modern recovery movement. Up from Down takes readers to the depths of human degradation then brings them back through a journey of redemption.

    The Survivors
    At 11:11 a.m., the sirens began to wail in every city across the country and the devastation that followed left not one American life untouched. It had been predicted centuries before but we couldn’t stop it, only try to help each other survive it. Betrayed by those sworn to protect us, this is our story...

    On The Road, Book Two
    In Book One, the world ended. Society and Civilization fell, leaving The Survivors on their own. Few made it. On The Road. Where the Journey gets hard.

    Safe Haven
    A place of safety and light, surrounded by magic and darkness. Now that the survivors have made it to Safe Haven, the hard work of finding a safe place begins. But it won't be the easy trip it's been so far. A group of Guerilla's, called Cezar's Slavers, has invaded the US and Safe Haven has become a target. Will they survive?

    Shorts & Sweets
    Shorts & Sweets is a collection of stories that weaves a subtle blend of Fantasy, Horror, and Romance into 10 memorable tales. Features a supernatural bet gone wrong, an evil curse, a holiday surprise for adults, and Soul Mates, where love and obsession are a fine line apart. There is also a Hurricane Katrina tribute, titled Closer, where justice can be found among the shadows.
    Full of twists and turns, Shorts & Sweets will have you asking for more.

    Twists & Turns
    A Thrilling Short Story ride, this is the sequel to Shorts and Sweets.

    The Mountaineers
    Book one in a futuristic new series by Horror writer, Angela White.
    Years after nuclear war has devastated the country, a group of survivors have come out of the radiation zones in the West. On a quest to find those who came before them, these warriors follow the remnants of Safe Haven and let nothing stand in their way.

    Life After War, Books 1-3
    Life After War is a compelling series that revolves around a handful of unique American’s who survive the nuclear holocaust that causes the fall of our civilization in the year 2012. Destined to come together, these seven enduring men and women are driven relentlessly across a broken land full of danger and unchecked violence, fate handpicking them to not only lead America’s refugees, but also to protect them as they struggle to evade a large group of Mexican guerilla’s that have invaded the U.S.

    Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient
    Atlantis: Biography of an Ancient is a first hand account of the history of Atlantis. Memories of a world, long forgotten and widely disputed about, are offered for all to read, learn and remember. Nesenty lived a long life on Atlantis, watching those around her grow, marry, have children of their own, die. She learned much from the people of Atlantis, and has returned. Offering her own personal memories for the world to see in hopes that through the telling of her own memories, others will be able to remember through genetic memories they carry today. She gives the reader intimate details from the beginning of village life, to the grand city Atlantis was, right up to the sinking of the city.

    The Book of Bible Stories
    The Book of Bible Stories Contains the Best Stories On The Bible. Written in simple and understandable language, the stories are perfect for retelling to Children of All Ages. The wonder book of Bible stories is not only a recasting of the familiar stories of the Bible such as The finding of Moses and the story of Adam and Eve. It goes a step further to add characterization to make them look contemporary and lively. Interesting reading and specially suited for children and adults who teach at Sunday schools. Every Family should have this beautiful story book.

    Journalism instructor on the outside, unrepentant hippie within, Paul Wilson signs on at a startup newspaper to track down rumors that Bush and Cheney had advance warning of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Two other reporters accompany him to Washington: adventurous Debra, demure but braless, and the more conservative Caitlin, a young Persian-American who plays Candide to Wilson s Martin. Extracts from Caitlin's letters and diary (partly recorded in transliterated Farsi) alternate with third-person accounts of the investigation. To get results, Wilson also has to work with two Arab-American reporters. Only he doesn t trust them, isn t sure whether the tales they relay are truth or lies. Though witness after witness corroborates the tale of a conspiracy involving the Vice-President and members of the Saudi royal family, it takes threats from two rogue FBI agents to convince him. Still, it would be as misleading to characterize Conspiracy as an expose of the corruption and ineptitude of the Bush administration as to describe Cabaret as the story of the Nazis rise to power. For above all, Conspiracy is a novel about people, of the relationships among the reporters and those they encounter during the course of their investigation.

    This Is Not the End
    Ten new short stories by Shelby Davis.

    Red Sky Morning
    Mystery and Suspense in Long Point, Ontario. Meet Caleb McKay, retired CSIS Agent and profiler. Can he stop a terrorist attack on Erie, Pennsylvania? Follow Caleb's adventure in a no holds barred fast paced race to stop the unthinkable!!!! Book One in the Caleb McKay Series!

    The Unveiling
    A fictional short story in the format of a screenplay (PDF) by Dennis L. Bangerter - Logline: A young engineer invents glasses that allows one to literally see heaven, and the world will never be the same again.

    Reverse Psychology
    Marla Conroy finds herself an adult, depressed and full of regret. She starts writing a letter to a person from her past and finds that she cant stop. As she talks about her childhood and her teenage years, a story unfolds that not even she fully comprehends. Marla's mother is pathologically focused on winning back Marla's father, a troubled alcoholic with a charming facade, and uses the trust and love of the people around her to this end. Marla, however, wants nothing to do with her father and finds herself caught in the middle of her neglectful mother's plans.

    This Brilliant Darkness
    When an ancient, troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University's Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save.

    The Bondage
    This is a timeless story of love, tragedy, healing and restoration. A young couple marries and soon in their personal pursuit for happiness, encounter tragedy. The book reveals how they alas find healing, restoration and hope.

    The Reckoning of Asphodel
    After her parents' murder, Tamsen de Asphodel is raised by her Elven kin. Trained in both Elven and human sorcery, she is an anomaly--a bridge between two worlds that distrust each other. When she goes in search of her hated uncle Gabril de Spesialle, she must find a way to bring both her heritages together. Only if the two kingdoms bury their hatred can they hope to survive against Spesialle's plans.

    Burning Spiral
    A trip to the morgue in the middle of the night is routine work for Detective Sergeant Caroline Osych of the Chicago Police Department. The problem is that lately, every murder victim heading for the morgue is a young man named Michael who drives a Japanese import. The killer’s MO is troublesome too—five pounds of flesh vaporized from victims’ chests and a fluorescent map tattoo on their faces are not everyday occurrences. Caroline must deal not only with the string of bizarre murders but a vengeful ex-husband, his alcoholic heiress child bride, a manipulative and sleazy FBI inspector and an enigmatic soldier with sexy blue eyes. The stark realization that the killer is not her contemporary is not nearly as terrifying as the seeping suspicion that the final and ultimate target may be her children, living with their father and his new wife.

    by Michael Berish.
    Bad things happen in “the Pit,” a notorious crime-infested ghetto in downtown Miami. Michael Berish’s experiences, as a Miami police officer for twenty-two years (thirteen of which were spent as an undercover detective in the REAL Miami Vice), serve as fuel for these exciting, intense stories about life as a cop in a tough part of a big city. “REFLECTIONS FROM THE PIT,” pulls no punches; it shows you the good, the bad, and the ugly (warts and all); the dark side of police work, both the humor and the tragedy.

    The Perfect Guy
    When 15-year-old Rebecca's mother marries Pres's father, Rebecca is thrilled that she'll be living in the same house with the guy of her dreams. She thinks it's just a matter of time before Pres sees her as more than just a kid sister. However, not everything goes according to Rebecca's plan, and she learns to face some surprising truths about herself, her friends and her new family.

    Ruby Red ( All American Black Girl)
    Ruby Red is a book about a young teenage girl who grows up without a mother figure. She use excuses for every problem she causes. Ultimately karma kicks her in the behind when she is kidnapped and raped for refusing to say no to a stranger. Ruby struggles to find her true identity and learns that there is a consequence for everything she does in life.

    Bad Cop, No Donut
    This is an anthology by fifteen cops and writers from Miami to Maine and New York City to Los Angeles with stops in New Orleans, Montana and Maryland. It’s an anthology with stories about the dark side of police work: cops who partake in police brutality, murder, bribery, pay-off’s, bank robberies, pyromania, and laundering money.

    A children's (preteen) book about a cat introduced into a family as a kitten soon after birth, an event (the holocaust) that dispersed the family including the cat during World War II, the heartwarming reuniting of the family including the cat, and the cat's influence on the children of the family. For children older than about 7 years and petlovers of all ages.

    Earth's Blood
    The year is 2014 and Planet Earth as you know it has changed completely. Utilities and infrastructures, modern communication and resources have collapsed or evaporated in the wake of the single most cataclysmic event on Earth. Finely woven vignettes full of rich detail transport the reader all over Earth into the lives of those who must deal with the aftereffects and peripheral events. Some will survive to learn to struggle another day, some will never know what truly happened

    Miracle, the novel, by M.L. Bushman
    Paranormal thriller, adult fiction. Just who is Micah Divine? Godsend? World-class liar with a bag of tricks up his sleeve? The unexpected glitch in a scheme two men have been murdered to protect? Or a divine being whose mission to benefit all Mankind will bring him face-to-face with his greatest fear. The only thing Carol Flannigan, Dawson Riley, and Kerry Penfield each know for sure--the cowboy's name is Micah Divine.

    Visit to a Small Town
    Steven had been on the road for several days, hitchhiking home from college, when he came across the small New England town, nestled in a secluded valley. Most of the people who lived there had been born there. Like Mrs. Eleanor Ross, who manages the five and dime, shy young Ellie Ryerson who works in the store after school, and Tom McCabe, the town s police chief. Stephen and Ellie are instantly attracted to one another and arrange to go to the movies after she gets off work. While she is waiting for Steven to arrive, McCabe invites Ellie to go for a ride in his patrol car. Knowing the police chief s reputation, she refuses. He drags her inside the car , ignoring her protests, and drives away. Steven pursues them on foot up the mountain but is impeded at every step by the town and townspeople. Middle-aged women clutch at him for sex, dogs attack him, cruising teen-agers throw beer cans. McCabe too has been busy, killing first a burglar, the burglar s dog, and then one of his own deputies. He is in the process of burying Ellie alive in the town cemetery when he and Steven finally come face to face.

    Through the Valley of Death
    Fantasy short stories with a strong spiritual theme.

    Shadows Can be Bright...Ya Know
    Pam's book of 20 Poems, covering love, food, dreams and more!

    Chevy Summer
    It's 1963, before the Beatles and the Kennedy assassination. It's a lazy summer with nothing for the teenagers in the small town of Calhoun, just outside Cincinnati, to worry about except rock'n'roll, drag racing, and dancing. But then the murders begin.

    The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall
    The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall, a fantasy adventure for kids from 8 to 92. So strongly do Sammy and Lindsay desire to live in a world of love and beauty that they fly to a new universe on a magic carpet to find it. And there's only one way to reach this new universe the hard way! "This is one of those rare, delightful, sensitive stories that keeps coming back to you over and over, hauntingly, accompanied by a deep yearning feeling: never have you wanted anything quite so much as to go through that cement wall. In a stroke of genius, the author has added a section at the end of the book that actually allows one to feel that this magical fantasy is a real possibility!" -- Robert Rimmer, acclaimed author of "The Harrad Experiment"

    Cogrill's Mill
    An energetic and witty ride through life and love in the countryside.

    How did an advice columnist from Beverly Hills and an aging hippie from Juneau, Alaska get into such a mess?Join the madcap romp through the glitzy world of TV chefs in search of a killer. The Silver Sisters, identical twins Goldie and Godiva, don't go looking for trouble...it finds them!

    Australian Yarns - Humourous and True Australian stories
    Australian Yarns are true stories of true Australian characters. They represent the spirit of the Aussie battler. Available as an 83 page, instant download e-book, "Australian Yarns", is a rich tapestry of Australiana consisting of 40 stories with vivid photographs to add to the rural Australian flavour of this fascinating, sometimes poignant and often very funny look at life outside of a big city. In the book you will discover why rabbits explode, why farmers paint lizards and why bees don't like hot showers. Learn how John murders his brother and how Phil becomes Captain America. All the real characters of Australia are just a click away.

    Adoration of the Korean: Expatriate Tales Made in Korea
    Adoration of the Korean is a short story collection consisting of eight stories and novellas, each of which is set in South Korea in the 1990s and investigates the intricacies humorous, dark, and beautiful of cross-cultural relationships between American and other expatriate English teachers and their adult South Korean students. Moonstruck students relentlessly pursue their teachers as often as these teachers, repentant and shameless alike, pursue their students. Love is sometimes strong enough to surmount formidable barriers to mutual understanding and lasting happiness as the characters in the stories are forced to come to terms with culture clash, the problematic nature of intercultural communication, and the complicated personal issues which impelled not a few of the expatriates to abandon their native lands in the first place. All of the stories feature realistic depictions of a shared reverence for love's purity found by people from different ends of the Earth when they venture beyond the confines of home in search of a common humanity.

    The Epic of Cougran - Adventures in Raoolia: Tragedy at BellBour
    75 million light years from Earth lies a star system where the humanoids are cat based instead of primate based. This first installment of The Epic of Cougran begins a huge story about how a society rots from the inside out, and how one event can cause a domino effect for a whole planet! Part I of Many.
    The Epic of Cougran - Adventures in Raoolia: Journey to Shven Shong
    The second installment of the Epic of Cougran details Denzcan's rise to power and a battle that has a surprise ending.

    Dead Cedar by L P King
    Dead Cedar is an Australian Murder Mystery set in the NSW country town of Gulargambone. Part of the proceeds are being used to aid the town.

    This story has never been told before. It’s about the insides of the worst places imaginable - the inner workings of mental institutions in the former USSR. It’s about the young people who, in their pursuit of spiritual freedom, undermined the main principle of Soviet rule ­ Fear. How their resilience and sacrifice had delivered a strong blow to the ideological strength of Soviet tyranny, which fell apart only three years later, surprisingly easily. But above all, this story is about every one of us, about our choice between good and evil. It is about the ultimate fight we must not lose and about the meaning of our precious lives.

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