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Forex Trading News
Daily forex trading news for traders and investors.

Auto Finance
Fast flexible finance for new and used cars.
Bargain low rate.
All areas of USA including:

They show you the best deals on:
  • Las Vegas hotels
  • New York City hotels
  • London hotels
  • Paris hotels
  • Spain hotels
  • Amsterdam hotels
  • Australian hotels
  • Sports travel
  • Cheap Website Hosting

    Share Trading
    Share trading blog with reviews of training ebooks, videos and trading tools.

    Start your home business with Power HomeBiz Guides.

    Fire Fighting Pumps

    Hydraulic Rams

    Tractor Seats

    Phone plans comparison

    Auto Finance

    Expired domains

    Forex Markets

    Get paid for surveys

    Birth Control Pills

    Russian mail order brides

    singles dating Australia

    FTP Hosting

    Registry cleaner

    Ebook Architect: How to write and profit from Ebooks

    Right Track Bespoke Consultancy

    Business ebooks

    Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions & Technical Document Downloads. Browse through our extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Simply complete the application form and submit it. All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify.

    This free and brandable viral ebook will help its User make money online. The income opportunities within have all been proven to produce solid results for the Writer and his business partners. Read it, act on it and prosper!

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    White Paper: How to Market to Today’s CFOs
    The purpose of this white paper is to examine the most successful marketing methods that best engage the modern-day CFO and other corporate finance executives. This paper makes use of various studies conducted by corporate publications, executive polls, and business research institutions. This is a free download available from Proformative Insights

    American Business Launch
    Non-u.s. Residents Are Earning Massive Profits Running US Businesses. Precise Blueprint, By Someone Who Actually Runs A US Business From Australia, On How To Get A US Company, Bank Account, Merchant Account And PayPal Linked To A US Bank Account

    Outsourcing For Business - PDF
    Learn how to use outsourcing to build Your business, get the best work possible, get great value for your money, and finally... the information about outsourcing that you need to know, build your business by outsourcing the easy way.

    Your Complete Resource to the World of Global Outsourcing
    Get your FREE COPY and discover how to:

  • Cut your employee costs in half while doubling your productivity
  • Free up your valuable time which generates more $$$ for your business
  • A MUST HAVE if you want to use social media like, Twitter, Blogging and Facebook to build their business
  • A MUST HAVE for all entrepreneurs
  • A MUST HAVE for internet marketers

    How to Start a Home Based Playdate Business
    This is a step by step guide to starting and operating a playdate business. This is a perfect opportunity for moms looking for a home based business or anyone interested in working with young children.

    Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs’ Stories of Challenges, Inspiration and Success!
    The eBook that chronicles a myriad of successful women business owners who are all living their dreams through their passions. In their own words, they’re sharing with YOU exactly how they did it–so that YOUR path to entrepreneurial success can be smoother!

    Art Glass For Profit
    A Step By Step Guide To Setting Up A Successful Art Glass Busines. You’re going to learn:
    How to turn your hobby into a business faster than you dared hope possible
    How to sell your art glass online and offline
    How to market your business successfully
    And much, much more.

    My Business In a Book
    “My Business In a Book” is a FREE Giveaway Brandable eBook.
    It’s a true story on how the author overcame the devastating effects of a job loss, and discovered innovative ways to eliminate your need for having a “day-job” to create an income.
    “My Business In a Book” can help you to create multiple streams of “passive income” from the comfort of your home, with an instant set-up.
    This is how:
    1. By rebranding (replacing) 35 affiliate links inside with your own before you give it away online and make it viral. Wherever it goes, every time someone clicks on your link and buys your program, you make commission.
    2. If you’re in network marketing, it can help you build your business by sharing the content (eBook) about the “passive income solution” to your prospects. The book serves as “Your Representative In Print” that walks your walk, and talks your talk 24/7, so you don’t have to. By rebranding your links inside before you share it, you’ve set up an automatic second stream of passive income.
    3. For those who are interested in other ways to create an income from home, the eBook provides links to a variety of “Work From Home” solutions in the “Book-Store” inside.
    Overall, “My Business In a Book” provides innovative answers and solutions to the biggest problem we have at this time, the income problem; a problem that the job market cannot provide an answer to in a global recession. No job = no problem, because from now on, you can simply do your business in a book, from the comfort of your very own home, or from anywhere in the online connected world.

    Product Launch Guide
    New rules to successfully launch products, a company or anything else via the Internet
    This free 64 page ebook describes how to leverage your existing subscriber and customer list assets to create a purpose-built community around the launch of a product or website, resulting in maximum sales during the launch. It also includes an overview of how the online product launch process works, its major benefits and advantages and has complete examples and details action plans to use.

    Motivational Stories for Online Business Owners
    This free download is a collection of 5 inspiring business stories to help your confidence soar so you can achieve the results you deserve.

    Internet Law Compliance an Internet Legal Guide
    Internet Law Compliance is the One-Stop-Shop Handbook website operators need to understand and comply with the regulations and requirements for lawfully doing business on the internet. Complete with forms and disclaimers ready to cut and paste

    Appliance Repair Business Start-up Program
    Make $80K / yr. fixing appliances. Free information kit.

    Adwords 101
    Learn more about PPC advertising with this free report. Find out how to get cheap targeted keywords and avoid costly mistakes.

    Commercial Mortgage Training eBook
    Looking for commercial mortgage training or commercial loan officer training? You have found it. This book, will give you a method for pre screening deals. It will also teach you how to market, sell, and close more commercial loans.

    Glyphius - Ad Copy Scoring Software.
    Old Copywriting Pro's and Beginning Writers Alike Are Discovering The Brand New Software That Allows You To Improve The Profitability Of Your Ad Copy Using A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Of Thousands Of Current and Previously Successful Ads. Use this software to improve your sales using the experience of thousands of successful marketers.

    How To Double (Or Maybe Even Triple) Your Income As A Primary Care Physician
    To All Doctors Who Desire Financial Freedom:
    In this e-book you will discover:
    1. Where the true source of you financial success lies.
    2. How to maximize your practice's revenue and, mor importantly, the bottom line so that more money goes directly into your pocket.
    3. How to achieve balance in your life.
    Best of all this incredible information is available to you for the ridiculously low, introductory price of $9.99.

    Discover The Secrets of PLR Niche Marketing Success
    This free ebook covers all the basics of using Private Label Rights (PLR) ebooks for marketing and profits on the Internet.

    Lead Creation through cost-effective small business marketing
    Lead generation and small business marketing strategies using online internet marketing strategies for cost-effective marketing to business and b2b.

    Entrepreneurship for Kids
    Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours) has created a 32-page workbook that teaches children how to develop a business idea and write a business plan in ten easy steps. Using simple, everyday examples, students will learn the basics of CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS, MARKETING, DISTRIBUTION, and PROFIT, as they embark on the road to becoming young entrepreneurs! The H3 Tours Entrepreneurship Workbook - Advanced offers real life success stories of child entrepreneurs. Ranging in age from 6 to 15 years-old, these kidpreneurs prove entrepreneurship is not just for adults, but that kids are capable of succeeding in business as well. Whether it's launching a new line of cosmetics or developing applications for the iPhone, your students are sure to get inspiration and encouragement from reading about the various businesses that kids their age are coming up with around the world. The Entrepreneurship Workbook - Advanced can be purchased for $19.99.

    Fitness Boot Camp Profits
    A program that will show anyone how to start and run their own profitable fitness boot camps. It has everything from A to Z, including professional marketing materials that will get your fitness business off the ground without the trainer having to learn how to become a marketer.

    Free Clickbank 101 Starter Kit - Download Here...
    With Clickbank being one of the most popular and profitable online marketing platforms, mastering the dynamics and strategies that drive the system is one of the quickest paths to building your rapid online income. Whether you're looking to gain $3,000 per month or $30,000, with just a small amount of research and practice with Clickbank this dream can become a reality. Watch the video and grab your free copy of the report now and discover all you need to know to go from Clickbank noob to pro - in 10 minutes from now!

    The Best of Marlon Sanders
    This ebook which usually costs $17 is now available for free here. Inside you will learn:

  • How To Turn Your Idea Into Money In The Bank
  • Seven Ways To Hustle Up Some Money Selling Products
  • Marlons’s Cheat Sheet For Generating Leads Online
  • How To Start From Scratch And Grow Your Internet
  • How To Get Money By Placing Simple Ads
  • How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To 600 Million -- And How You Can Use It Too
  • The Only Way To Make A Lot More Money...
  • Get 3x The Sales In 26 Hours
  • The 6 Parts Of A Sales Machine That Won’t Quit

    Red Pill Entrepreneurship
    Red Pill Entrepreneurship is a book for those wanting to start or buy their own business. Red Pill is best for those that are considering quitting a job in order to obtain the business. Get the reality of business first!

    7 Secrets the Healthiest Project-driven Organizations Know That You May Not
    7 insights on how project-driven companies can streamline their operations and improve project management and accounting.

    7 Benefits of becoming the Maverick Hero your customers have been waiting for.
    When you look at the BIG challenges we face globally it can seem as if too many people are waiting for someone else to come to the rescue. How long have your ideal customers been waiting for someone to fix their BIG Problems. Well, enough of that. In this preview you will be introduced to 7 benefits of Maverick Hero Mastery for your business and your quality of life. Not only will you be prompted to think about what has been, you are being encouraged to consider what could be.

    Recession Proof Business
    A complete e-Book package teaching people how to start a profitable business selling used cars. We provide a ton of extras for customers including "how to" videos in our Members Only Area.

    Debt Negotiation Business Program
    Exclusive Debt Negotiation Business Program: The Debt Elimination Industry is Booming. Start Your Own Debt Negotiation Business and Make Thousands of Dollars Each & Every Month. Program Includes Everything you will need to start and run your own Lucrative Debt Negotiation Business Program.

    Product Padlock
    If your business involves selling or delivering any type of digital product (eBooks, videos, documents, PDF files, MP3's) I suggest you take a close look at Product Padlock... it could save you thousands over the course of the next year.
    Product Padlock gives you full control over who has access to your files. You can even prevent people who have already purchased your product and then asked for a refund from accessing the product again.

    Conference call reviews, news and articles. Don't miss the latest conference call services, software and technology that provides crystal clear connections and hassle-free communication. Connect with colleagues, associates and clients anytime at the lowest prices available today.

    Australia Wholesalers
    The Australia Wholesalers directory will assist you in finding the latest information about wholesale sources in various provinces of Australia. You will not only save time and effort but you can also save up to 90% on retail prices, hence increasing your profit margins by buying at extremely low prices. Click here

    UBS Services Business Credit Buildre Guide
    A comprehensive Step By Step E-Book to building business credit without using a personal guarentee.

    Mobile Marketing Secrets Revealed!   (right click and "save target as")
    Author: Robert Wolseley
    Ssshhhhhh! I’m about to tell you a secret that I’m sure you will want to share with everyone you know! Mobile Marketing or “SMS” text marketing is catching on the U. S. and I know why it works, who is using it, how it works, and more importantly, how you can make money with it right now; And I’m willing to reveal how you can join this tidal wave in my book…

    Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe Mistakes.
    Book on 49 mistakes we made in the espresso coffee shop cafe business plus 29 recipes, forms, checklists.

    Affiliate Money Machine by Dawn Pruitt
    “Affiliate Money Machine” is an amazing *30* page guide revealing a simple 7-step system to rake in huge commissions from any niche you want in just 7 days…and it’s completely FREE!

    How To Raise Prices Without Losing Sales
    Pricing strategy that can make you rich! 46 tactics that can fatten your bank account from the clients you already have.

    Income Route
    The product is a physical dvd training set with bonuses focussed on people who want to start a small business from home and online. The niche market that can also be targeted is the parents who want to start a business from home and online, as the hand picked multi millionaire trainers have started their business to work around their families. The training on the dvds are provided by multi millionaires who themselves have achieved their multi million status and now are teaching their strategies and techniques.

    The Viral Cash Machine
    Learn how to make money online by giving away a free report and make Clickbank commissions on autopilot. Also learn different methods for online promotion.

    Increase typing speed
    Imagine typing as fast as you think.
    Imagine writing your reports with speed and ease.
    Imagine replying to emails in half the time.

    Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp
    Announcing an Amazing New Marketing Bootcamp Designed Specifically for Coaches and Consultants who want to Fill their Practice in Less than 6 Months...

    Your Own Talent Agency
    Great Home Biz Opportunity. "How to take make Big Bucks Booking Entertainers" You will learn everything you need to profit from your own talent agency.

    How To Make Money With Content
    In this special report Cody Moya explores some of the best ways to make money online - specifically how to make money using content you have the right to use or modify. He presents a step by step action plan that you can put into use to begin immediately tapping into the potential of this profitable and rewarding Internet niche. This very informative special report is 21 pages long and and free to download.

    10 Brand New Business in a Box:
    Dustin Struckman has just put together an amazing new package that will literally allow you to start an info business TODAY!
    You'll actually get 10 Brand New Business in a Box:

  • 10 Hot Info Products (5 eBooks & 5 Software Titles)
  • Complete Websites
  • Professional Graphics Packages
  • Powerful Sales Letters
  • Full Source Code & Files
  • Master Resale Rights
    There are only 500 copies available and they are selling out right now. Get Yours Today!

    Nitro Tax Helper
    This Easy to Use Software Eliminates the Tax Nightmare of Your Internet Business AND Helps You Claim Every Tax Deduction you are Legally Entitled To Resulting in a Potential Windfall of Tax Savings.

    Freelance Contracts In 48 Hours
    Discover the Secrets Of How You Can Obtain Freelance Contracts in 48 Hours.

    Speaking For Millions
    How to make really big money as a professional speaker. Let one of the nation’s top speakers teach you how, in this practical step-by-step instructional book that will get you started on the right track to speaking success.

    Secretarial services
    Secretarial service business start up kit. How to get legitimate typing work and data entry work from home. How to kit, ebook and templates to start a home based secretarial service business and provide freelance secretarial, word processing, and data entry services from home.

    Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living
    Travel, bank, work, live anonymously. E-Book provides never before published information that empowers you to escape a stalker, avoid identity theft, prevent government e-mail monitoring, bank account and property seizures. Live under the radar. Do business anonymously. All Legal.

    Executive Online Business Book Summaries
    BusinessSummaries - an online resource of book summaries on leadership, management, sales, marketing, human resources, career development and many more! Affordable and instantly-downloadable book summaries in PDF, Audio, PowerPoint, PDA and HTML formats.

    Advertising Secrets Revealed
    How To Get All The New Customers and Hot Leads You'll Ever Need. Guaranteed!

    Google Wealth Wizard
    A 33 Year Old "Super-Affiliate" Exposes the REAL Secret of Success: How To Make $300, $400...Even $500 Every Day From Affiliate Programs. Copy This Man's Secret And Become a Very Rich Affiliate So You Can Wave Good-Bye to Affiliate Program Scams that Rip You Off! Learn the true secret of spotting a Good Affiliate Program that will make you money instantly.

    How To Become A Concert Promoter.
    Here's Your Easy To Follow, Step-by-Step Guide - Showing You Exactly How The Top Concert Promoters Book Successful Shows And Avoid Losing Thousands Of Dollars From Costly Mistakes." If you ever wanted to enter into this lucrative career but just needed the right information to get started, or, if you've tried but failed and lost a lot of money in the process, stick around. This book could change your life.

    How To Repair Your Sewing Machine
    Sewing machine repair as a home business or for your self.

    The Drop Ship source directory
    The internet's largest, most complete and most frequently updated directory of drop shippers available. Ideal for anyone who sells products for a profit on the internet.

    Hot Selling Books ~ eBay Price Guide
    SAVE Research TIME! Get this list of the most desired Children's Picture Books that SELL CONSISTENTLY for $50-350 on eBay.

    Earn A Huge Income Tinting Windows
    Training for individuals starting their own window tinting business. You could be making $300 a day or more tinting windows.

    Newbie's Guide To Online Fortunes
    The Simple And Easy Guide To Starting Your Very Own Online Business ASAP…That Runs On Auto-Pilot And Earns You A Constant Monthly Residual Income!

    How To Start A Judgment Recovery Business - From Your Kitchen Table
    This is one of the best, and safest, home based business that you can get into. Learn how to collect court judgments for others while keeping half of everything that you collect.

    How To Start A Handywoman Concierge Business
    Learn how to start a handywoman service as a home based business. Learn all about starting a concierge service to go along with it.

    How To Start A Handyman and Concierge Service
    Learn how to start and operate a handyman, and a concierge business, right from your home. Includes how-to instructions for some projects to get you started.

    Business Ebook of Talk Radio Shows
    The business ebook features the show theme and guest criteria ­ which is virtually lacking on radio websites, in addition to title of show, name of host, email, phone (optional), website, best method of contact, and where aired. Also, it includes both Internet and terrestrial programs. Covered are workplace issues, innovation, entrepreneurship, business strategies, careers, finance, small business, sales, home-based businesses, investments, insurance, money management, real estate, and more.

    Online Home-Based Businesses
    This brandable ebook goes into some detail about why and how to start an online home-based business and serves as an excellent introduction for novices. What is striking about this ebook is that it tells it like it is, without any hype and false promises.

    The Day I Became the CEO of My Own Corporation
    New E-Book by Phil Andrews released by www.cbbooksdistribution.com The Day I Became the CEO of my own Corporation by Phil Andrews uses the Socratic Method of learning to help both existing business owners and those wishing to start their own business ask critical questions to help grow their business to the next level. The book The Day I Became the CEO of my own Corporation is designed in workbook format to allow business owners the opportunity to format a plan of action as they answer pertinent questions to systemize their daily plan of action.

    Internet Confidence
    An ebook on starting an internet business and boosting self confidence.

    Sow Seeds Of Success - Success Psycholog
    Teaches people how to plant seeds of success in their mind, take action and reap a bountiful harvest of success. This 91 page guide tells you step-by-step in 9 simple steps how to fulfill your most simple desire to complex goal!

    Behind Closed Doors
    Secrets of a successful Interent Business. Whether you currently own a business (online, offline or both) or are thinking of starting one, this is your chance to discover the secrets that will allow you to enjoy the success and earn the kind of income that you have always dreamed of!

    SOUTH AFRICA - Investor's Guide to Business Law and Trade
    An overview of the investment climate and regulatory environment in South Africa. Included are chapters on the South African economy, business law, investment incentives, trading environment, trade relations and many other commercial aspects. Virtually all commercial legislation is individually dealt with in separate chapters. The publication is an invaluable reference source for traders, potential investors, lawyers or anyone with an interest in doing business in South Africa. It contains some 170 pages and provides a broad analysis of the South African business environment.

    Currency Trading Profits
    Video Training Guide for Operating a Currency Trading Business.

    How to Make Money from a Photo Stamp Business
    A home based business idea selling niche runbber photo stamps working from home! Everything you need to know to set up is in our guide.

    Real Estate Investment Opportunities
    This unique e-book is virtual encyclopedia of real estate investment opportunities and real estate service businesses.

    The Road To Financial Recovery

    Swing Trade USA
    Winning Strategies For Active Traders.

    Golf for free and get paid to play golf
    Golf Free Every Time And Make More Money Than Most People Do Working In An Office...And You Don't Have To Be A Scratch Golfer!

    Richest Lotteries Winner's Secrets
    Learn How to Play Richest Lotteries for FREE and Build a Home Based Business Around Them!

    Success with Grace
    Whether you are launching or expanding a coaching business, Success with Grace: Grow a Profitable and Fulfilling Coaching Business provides a springboard to inspired action. This self-paced practice-building program offers hundreds of tips and strategies for growing a successful coaching business with ease. The 96 page e-book covers a wide range of practice development topics including how to attract and retain your ideal clients, set up your office and systems, and use referrals and Internet marketing.

    Annuities: The Shocking Secrets Revealed
    Discover the Shocking Secrets that Banks and Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know.

    Turn Your Passion Into Profit
    Are you in a job or career you hate!? According to Walt (aka The Passion Prophet), everyone has a passion, every passion has value, and yes, you CAN make money doing what you love! Authors, Hip Hop entrepreneurs, homemakers, and former employees have applied his proven philosophy and formula--featured in Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise and the Wall Street Journal.

    200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website
    A study of 2,000 sites reveals 200 best website marketing strategies Ebook contains 262 website examples, tips & useful links.

    Get started in import/export and be your own Boss
    Discover today, the proven way to start YOUR own import/export business, so you can sail towards financial freedom in just a few hours a day and throw away that alarm clock once and for all!

    The Auction Secret
    How I built a successful business using eBay.

    By Joshua Shafran
    Finally, a SYSTEM to make a gigantic income on the Internet from thin air that molds itself to YOU. If you have the desire, you can begin creating "Net Profits on Demand" in only 20 days with this complete system that contains all the tools you need. If you can knock down dominos, you can trigger this business process that can't be stopped.

    How to electrify your profits and make buckets of money cleaning offices.

    Hours of Pure Gold
    This ebook is dedicated to inspiring and motivating individuals to find their true purpose in life. True stories of successful motivational speakers who gives practical philosophies and proven techniques for anyone to reach their dreams and goals. It s author is a Christian whose purpose is to spread the good news of God s love for mankind. The ebook is also a fund raiser to support needed services and programs in the local community. The ebook is sold through a website which also offers a two-tier affiliate program.

    Help is available with criminal attorneys that are prepared to win your case. You can't afford to take chances with your future.

    Paid Surveys
    Would you like to get paid up to $75 just for completing simple 10-25 minute online surveys? Would you like to get paid up to $150 per hour to participate in focus groups (giving your opinion)? Would you like to get paid up to $25 per hour to preview movie trailers? If you answered yes, then visit us to get paid for surveys Recommended

    25 Home Businesses You Can Start Now
    25 home based businesses that require little or no start up costs.

    Home Business Success
    Learn all about different aspects of choosing, promoting and running a successful home business.

    Letter Of Recommendation
    Letters of recommendation are very important materials for work references and career enhancement. Letters of Recommendation properly list previous or current employer's feedback and allow prospective employers to avoid the sometimes awkward and vague conversations that result from interrogating references over the phone about your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, letters of recommendation help prospective employers to avoid the pitfalls of reaching a reference. Finally, letters of recommendation are also a great advantage for job-seekers because they provide concrete, credible, and real evidence of past achievements and abilities. You can now have 40+ Professionally written Letters Of Recommmendation for any occassion for just 19.99

    Injecting the Juice into Leadership
    Learn about the building blocks of leadership and the steps to get you where you want to be. Leadership ability is the nucleus that determines a person's level of effectiveness. In this book, you will find many ways to increase your effectiveness in business and create life balance. This all boils down to your ability to lead others and if you are satisfied where you are or if you'd like to climb the ladder.

    eBay Power Tips
    In "eBay Power Tips" Janiece Smith, author of the Ask the eBay Expert newsletter, outlines 12 step-by-step methods to help you easily increase your eBay profits. Get your free copy today!

    Doing Business In UAE
    This country business guide presents a comprehensive look at UAE’s business environment, market potential, legal structures of business, their formation procedures and future opportunities for the investors.

    10 Simple And Easy Ways To Make More Money On eBay!
    10 Simple And Easy Ways To Make More Money On eBay covers methods you can use on every auction to increase the profits you make from each sale and even profit from those who don't buy from you! Get your free copy today!

    Project Outsourcing: Why All Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing An Integral Part of Business Growth
    Outlines how businesses can use outsourcing and freelance service providers to their advantage to help their business grow and flourish.

    SMART Executive
    5 Chapters:
    1. Smart LEADER +
    2. Smart COMPANY +
    3. Smart STRATEGIES +
    4. Smart MANAGEMENT +
    5. Smart INNOVATON
    225 slides + 225 Executive Summaries
    By: Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Ten3 Business e-Coach

    How to start your own security patrol business
    ... on a shoestring budget. A complete step-by-step instruction guide (PDF format).

    How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant - Plus Over 50 Online Resources for a Shoestring Budget
    This electronic PDF book has over sixty pages of must-have information and resources for the person who wants to start or has recently started their own Virtual Assistant (VA) or Virtual Office Professional (VOP) service. From tax advantages to keeping yourself together (i.e.: not working in PJs all day), this book touches on every aspect of being your own boss. Home-based working mothers will LOVE this E-book. This book even contains a quote from a current Virtual Assistant millionaire!

    Free Money from the US Government
    Use our exclusive 44 page Grant Listing ebook to find the FREE Cash you need for any purpose. Start a small business, go back to school or use the money to pay off your bills.

    How to Find and Retain Fantastic Frontline Employees
    E-book/system for managers, supervisors, business owners, and human resources professionals. This is a step by step, interactive system (delivered as an ebook), that teaches managers how to find and retain employees.

    BizWare Magic's Opt-in Tool@Kit!
    BizWare Magic's Opt-in Tool Kit! E-mail Marketing Strategies for the Opt-in List Builder. List Building Tool Kit. Multi Opt-in List Building Strategies. Tools, Resources, Business Opportunity, Step-by-Step Guide & an Actual Autoresponder e-mail series that you can plug into your Autoresponder and start building your Own Opt-in List today.

    Profitable E-mail Workshops in 3 Days!
    Create profit-pulling e-mail workshops and e-courses for your business, site or e-zine in 3 days or less!

    How to PROTECT your affiliate commissions?
    Stop losing your affiliate money - learn how to avoid losing 40% of your commissions! Master the powerful idea of affiliate link cloaking...
    ...along with 3 most effective, proven cloaking methods that give you an extra sales boost!

    eBay Sources EXPOSED- FREE Resell Rights
    Gigantic Point-and-Click Secret eBay Wholesale Source Directory.

    How To Write A Newsletter
    NEWSLETTER EDITORS! Discover How To Create Award Winning Newsletters or Ezines.In Less Than 20 Minutes!

    The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business
    OUTRAGEOUS New ebook reveals - How to Work Less, Get Paid More. and have Tons More FUN with your online business!

    The Amazing Sales Letter Creator
    Just plug-in your product data and out pops a 100% forumulated sales letter!

    Over $20,000 a Month Possible!
    Cubicles Kill Dreams! Find Out What Really Works Online. Over 800 resources including true Yahoo! secret.

    Creating Successful Workshops
    Discover how easy it is to create a successful workshop, even if you've never presented one before.

    Top PC Speed tweaks for boosting your RAM, CPU speed, internet connection, modem, cable, DSL, memory and much more.

    Create your own website in 60 seconds!
    Videos and templates on creating your own websites fast!

    Commodity Trading E-book 2002
    Simple - Powerful - Commodity Trading Systems and Setups.

    LIVE Start-Up Business Guide
    Small business specialists can jumpstart your start-up. New e-book resource: venture capital, loans, financing,business.

    Beat Shoplifters & Increase Profits!
    Make money (via ClickBank and Amazon) giving away this FREE E-Book!

    Remote Influence
    Draw this simple child-like picture - it's the key to influencing others.

    Instant Internet Empires
    FIVE Money-Making Web Sites In 29 Minutes Or Less.

    Computer Wholesale Purchase Guide
    Buy computers, software, hardware, games and accessories from real wholesale companies, be a computer reseller!

    JumpStart Internet Business Builder
    LIFETIME Websites For Just Pocket Change!

    eBOOK eBIZ eCommerce Solutions
    How to earn a full time internet income selling your knowledge with ebooks.

    AutoCAD Hatch Patterns
    Hatch Patterns for AutoCAD, including woodgrain and stone hatches.

    PID control information from John Shaw
    Information for engineers in the industrial control field.

    @Practical Quality Control(sm)
    Solving quality control problems with practical policies, procedures, and forms.

    Click Bank Guard
    Protect your ClickBank commissions and prevent others from taking them without your knowledge.

    The Amazing Sales Letter Creator
    Just plug-in your product data and out pops a 100% forumulated sales letter!

    Creating Successful Workshops
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    Supply Chain Management and TPM Guide.
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    101 Hot Ideas
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    Business Case information.

    Revolutionary time tracking software.

    Autoresponders - 20 pack $74.96 a year.
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    Office Messenger
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    Why You Need a Business Plan to Join an Affiliate/MLM Program
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    SPC with Confidence
    This book introduces the concept of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in 80 easy to read pages and explains how it can be used across business and services with numerous worked examples, tables, blank charts and over 46 illustrations. Such concepts as process involvement, commitment, prevention, stability, variation, dispersion and distribution are discussed together with statistics, probabiprolity, cess capability and their related equations are covered in a manner suitable for all levels of knowledge form novice to practitioner.

    European Bookseller List
    A list of European booksellers and book stores, selling rare and out-of-print used books.

    Virtual Gal Friday's Virtual Assistant Start Up Guide
    Tired of All the Hype & Promises? Need an E-Book with facts and not fiction? Read to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business Today? You Can Get Started Today! The Step by Step, Practical Approach to Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business.

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