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    Education ebooks

    203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama
    We have a President who appears on television nearly every day of his term, controls health care, ridicules dissenters, attacks religion, spends our money without control and sends people to inspect the lunch you made for your kids. Let's see...what is that called?

    There's a clue here, somewhere...

    A Community Organizer and agitator by training and experience, Barack Obama has been the most divisive president in our lifetime.

    203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama is a quick and interesting read. It is also a well documented, fact filled (over 600 endnotes)book, using Obama's own words and actions - along with those of his political allies - to show power in the wrong hands.

    While Obama says he "Deserve[s] a second term," readers of 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama will have a comprehensive list of reasons why that must never happen!!

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    Scholarships Reference Guide
    The Scholarships Reference Guide for International Students is an indepth research database of college scholarships and grad school scholarships to provide accurate and timely scholarship information. It is the fastest, easiest way to identify private, federal, and state funding sources for your Higher Education. 100% updated and verified for Academic Year .

    Discover the Untold SECRETS of Hypnosis
    Join our FREE Course, by Bradley Thompson!
    How would YOU like to CHANGE your LIFE -- using the POWER of HYPNOSIS? Best-selling author Bradley Thompson has created a five-part hypnosis mini-course designed to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to take advantage of the world of hypnosis! Over five exciting days, you'll BLAST through the myths with Bradley... You'll learn what hypnosis REALLY is... You'll enjoy diving into a deep, relaxing trance state... You'll be shown how to hypnotize YOURSELF... And you'll be shown the TRICKS for making hypnosis work EVEN BETTER for you!

    The Free 120 Hour TEFL Course
    Teaching English Abroad is Fun, and you Get Paid to Travel The World!
    In this free book The TEFL University provides a full 120 hour, Internationally recognised TEFL course (Teaching English As A Foreign Language). It covers all aspects of teaching EFL (English As A Foreign Language), in any environment. Students are able to download the course FREE and can take their own time to study all of its modules. They can then take our 'online' TEFL Certification exam if they wish. People can also download and study this course as a simple way to understanding what it is like and what is required of a TEFL trained teacher in the world today. This course also includes following modules:
    Grammar Awareness
    Teaching English to Young Learners
    Teaching Business English
    Teaching with Limited Resources
    Teaching Large Classes
    We are sure that everyone downloading this free book will find it both useful and informational.

    Eteach: A Teacher Resource
    A teacher resource for learning the strategies of Master Teachers. Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies You Can Use (Right Now) To Eliminate Classroom Management Problems Forever! Introducing the best practices of effective teaching. Finally an ebook that addresses classroom management style and academic achievement. Whether you need first grade classroom management tips or Effective Teaching strategies for large lectures... Stop Letting Disruptive Students Ruin Your Career!

    Personal Breakthrough
    "Personal Breakthrough: A personal development plan and day by day personal development program to transform your thoughts" explores what makes some people successful and others not. Written in easy to understand language along with illustrations, "Personal Breakthrough: A personal development plan and day by day personal development program to transform your thoughts" helps you begin to connect the dots on what it is you may be doing over and over again that hinders you from accomplishing your goal.
    Some of the topics we touch on are:
    - Why don't you follow through?
    - What it takes to be a real leader.
    - How to create success for yourself.
    - and much more!

    Harvard Histories
    Harvard Histories features biographies of notable alumni, written by students and grads of the institution.

    Think Like a Black Belt
    “When you hear the words Black Belt, you immediately think of other words like ‘as good as it gets’ and ‘the best.’ What does it take to actually be the best? It takes a mindset ­ a way of thinking. Jim, a real black belt himself, does a great job teaching you to be your best by obtaining the mindset that will propel you to excellence. Read this book!”

    Learn To Handle Your Phone Calls Like A Boss
    This Course will arm you with the tools and techniques you need to Control any telephone Conversation Like a Boss. It will teach you how to talk less than 30% of the Duration of the Call and Close More Deals!

    The Occults in Service or, The Great Learning
    The classic Occult Philosophy book: The Occults in Service or, The Great Learning, by the mysterious Occult practitioner: Sir William (pseudonym), was first published (privately) in 1901. The book explores the immortal nature of humankind, long hidden and known to only a select few in each generation over the ages, but that's about to change. Nearly impossible to find in print, it's now being offered for sale as an ebook on all major online ebook retail venues for only $3.99.

    Domination Basics: Secrets of the Alpha Male
    This book shows a blatant disregard for social acceptability as it instructs readers toward one simple goal: total domination. It’s egotistical, sexist, narcissistic, and completely practical. These are the secrets of the alpha male, and throughout the centuries, they have been the only real path to money, women, and power. If you’ve tried everything else, it may be time to use what actually works.

    7 Keys to Success
    This free ebook gives you an insight into the 7 key areas to success in your life and fulfilling your dreams.

    How to manifest your Desires with Creative Visualization
    Manifesting is used to wish for your desires, goals & dreams. These wishes are seeds that you plant in your mind. Add a picture to it which is visualization and you have a powerful recipe. Manifesting is a great tool to learn for empowering yourself. It enables you to take control of your life rather than simply leaving it to chance and fate. You have the power to transform your thoughts into something that is true and material.

    How to transform your life with a vision board
    How to transform your life with a vision board is great for people just starting with vision boards. It will teach you how to make them, why it is such an effective tool to empower your life, what to avoid when making them and just how to have creative fun with it. The ultimate creativity is to create your life, start now.

    Autism: Helping Autistic Children Find Their Voice
    Helping Autistic Children Find Their Voice By Understanding The Mechanisms Of Autism. Autism is a very sensitive subject for many and it is important that is be discussed with care and empathy, especially since it's been so highly misrepresented in our current time and culture. This book will provide a look into the diagnosis of Autism and the challenges that come with Autism. In addition, unlike many other books on the same subject, it will also bring up the false information that has been fed about this condition. It is my belief that before anybody can effectively educate children diagnosed as being on the spectrum into the normal flow of society, and most importantly – teach them skills to become more independent – we must first educate ourselves on the realities of this condition.

    Learn To Swim Through Life
    Have you ever noticed the people who stand on the first step of the swimming pool, pacing up and down as if to physic them selves up to go in further Or the one's who stand in the surf on the beach, just enough to get their feet wet on a hot sunny day, wanting to dive in and cool off, then run away as the wave comes in. That's how we are about life and what we want. We allow ourselves to get a small taste of what we really want by getting our feet wet, then take a few steps back when it comes to diving in and actually going for it. We want to be in the water enjoying it with everyone else but then we tell ourselves that the water is too cold or maybe I'll try get in later or I don't know how to swim! Learning To Swim Through Life is a combination of my studies, books I've read and personal experiences to date, that have helped and guided me to dive in and swim through the currents of life. My hope is that this book will encourage and inspire others on their personal quest, to listen to their soul and the voice of their 'Advisor', teaching them how to swim through life with purpose and passion.

    The Quantum Cookbook
    Discover the untold secrets of manifesting!

    Free Kids books
    Lots of really great free e-books for children, available here for free and direct download in pdf form.

    Prevent Identity Theft
    Dont Be A Victim Of Identity Theft. This ebook is about How to Prevent Identity Theft. As our lives become more dependant on conveniences like credit cards, the Internet and other technologies we also open up doors to opportunistic thieves. These identity thieves seek to use our name, credit and money to steal and commit fraud. Victims are left fighting – sometimes for years – to overcome the debts, clear their reputation and deal with the emotional consequences of being victimized. With estimates of nearly 10 million Americans being victimized within a year along with millions of others around the world it is crucial that you learn the steps you must take to prevent, identify and combat identity theft. Are You an Easy Target?

    Learn Japanese for real communication. Recommending NIHONHO Japanese lesson
    Stop Learning Japanese The Hard Way! Here's How To Speak Japanese Like A Diplomat!

    Sleep Programming
    Here's How YOU Can Simply Drift Off to Sleep One Night – And WAKE UP Enjoying More CONFIDENCE, More LUCK, More SUCCESS, Greater INTELLIGENCE - Even WEIGHT Loss. .... And ALL Absolutely WITHOUT EFFORT!
    Reprogram your mind while you sleep, with these CDs.

    How To Make Money With Content
    In this special report Cody Moya explores some of the best ways to make money online - specifically how to make money using content you have the right to use or modify. He presents a step by step action plan that you can put into use to begin immediately tapping into the potential of this profitable and rewarding Internet niche. This very informative special report is 21 pages long and and free to download.

    A Counselor Tests Brain Fitness Tools    (right click and "save target as")
    Author: Michael Logan
    Do Brain Fitness Programs work? Four tested and compared by a mental health professional.

    Earn A Huge Income Tinting Windows
    Training for individuals starting their own window tinting business. You could be making $300 a day or more tinting windows.

    Beat Fear
    Read How I Passed Out During A Speech and Then Beat Social Anxiety and Fear!

    Make Straight A's in School
    Learn how top high school and college students earn high grades and how your child can too, no matter how poor you may think they are doing.

    Inner Space - The Final Frontier.
    My journey is personal for my being is unique. Unique is exactly what it means - the only one of its kind. Uniqueness is a quality we all share. Inner Space – the Final Frontier is my contribution to a great awakening and it is my sincere wish that it may be of benefit to you.

    The Nuts & Bolts of Meditation
    A step-by-step guide to understand and practice, this e-Book removes the mystery and puts you in the driver's seat!

    Instructional Oil Painting E-Book
    How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters: A Step-by-Step Guide is a instructional oil painting E-Book. This instructional E-Book will teach you the techniques you'll need to successfully complete an underpainting. This step-by-step guide has photos and explanations for every step of the painting process.

    Sow Seeds Of Success - Success Psycholog
    Teaches people how to plant seeds of success in their mind, take action and reap a bountiful harvest of success.

    Increase Your Joy!
    Energize your manifestation ability with a free ebook about writing intentions. We set our intentions everyday and most people do them unconsciously. Writing your intentions will allow you to live a more conscious life and get what you want. If you want to kick it into overdrive, write them with joy. Joy is one of the highest vibrations and aligning yourself with the vibration of joy will significantly improve your ability to manifest. Increase Your Joy! will teach you how to write joyful intentions and teach you how joyful intentions effects your mind as well as your vibration.

    The Boost your Self-Esteem Workbook
    The Boost your Self-Esteem Workbook will show you: The real meaning of Self-Esteem How Self-image and Self-Esteem goes together Self awareness and more with exercises that will help you out to boost your Self-Esteem in an easy way.

    How to Create a Blueprint for Living
    Just released step by step how to build a blueprint for the life you want to lead. Deciding to change, building your blueprint through self inventory, meditation, setting goals and managing your time. A powerhouse no frills ebook that will change your life.

    101 Motivational Quotes
    A selection of some of the finest quotes from famous motivational speakers, philosophers, historical figures and current day thinkers. Find the quote to empower and motivate you.

    CDL Study Guide: General Knowledge
    Commercial drivers license (CDL) general knowledge written exam practice test questions and answers.

    Educational Books
    Our personalized story books encourage reading and makes learning fun for kids. Buy now at competitive rates online.

    Hours of Pure Gold
    This ebook is dedicated to inspiring and motivating individuals to find their true purpose in life. True stories of successful motivational speakers who gives practical philosophies and proven techniques for anyone to reach their dreams and goals. It s author is a Christian whose purpose is to spread the good news of God s love for mankind. The ebook is also a fund raiser to support needed services and programs in the local community. The ebook is sold through a website which also offers a two-tier affiliate program.

    Speaking For Millions
    How to make really big money as a professional speaker. Let one of the nation’s top speakers teach you how, in this practical step-by-step instructional book that will get you started on the right track to speaking success.

    Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best
    Designed by expert speech coach, Dr Jeannette Kavanagh, this downloadable program skyrockets your inner confidence, provides a guide to splendid presentations and lets you conquer the world s #1 fear.

    Covert Hypnosis
    Be an expert at the skill of subtle unconscious communication for influencing others. You’ve heard that it’s possible. Maybe you’ve even encountered a person skilled at subtle covert communication. You found yourself compelled to do something without explanation as to why you were doing it. The true masters of communication know the words, phrases, gestures, and timely pauses that can be utilized for fast compliance. Wouldn’t you like to know how to direct that power? Well, influence expert Kevin Hogan, Psy.D. is about to spill the beans...

    How YOU Can Overcome Frustrations In An Easy, Cheap & Simple Way
    This book describes an amazing way to improve every facet of your life, showing you how to get anything you want in life.

    Master Your Memory: How Not to Forget
    Memory improvement tips, free memory software, free gifts, written by the World's Greatest Mentalist.

    Stress Free Public Speaking
    Paul Daniels Best Selling Book now in Ebook format with 6 incredible bonuses. The Stress Free Guide to Public Speaking and Presentations is helping more speakers than any other course to overcome their fears, and present a powerful, motivating talk in front of any audience.

    Internet Confidence
    An ebook on starting an internet business and boosting self confidence.

    Learn To Draw
    Retailer of Ebooks that teach children how to draw!

    Periodic Table Elements
    Find Periodic Table element facts at www.chemicool.com. Chemicool.com chemistry and periodic table.

    Solving The Bullying Problem
    An ebook that offers solutions to parents and victims of bullying. It shows you the exact steps you need to take to eliminate bullying from your child’s life and the steps are explained in a simple, easy-to-follow format.

    Learn Speed Reading
    Learn how to speed read the easy way, in as little as 2 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

    Increase typing speed
    Imagine typing as fast as you think.
    Imagine writing your reports with speed and ease.
    Imagine replying to emails in half the time.

    The Couch Potatoe's Guide to Fighting the Procrastination Monster
    Learn the 6 most powerful tools, tips and tricks that will defeat the procrastination monster forever and allow you to accomplish any task you put your mind to.

    MCSE, MCSA, MCP Certification Exam Simulator products, Free study guides and More.

    You Have The POWER! Creating Motivation For Success
    This ebook provides easy-to-apply methods and techniques for creating and harnessing motivation within to conquer all of your life's goals and achieve greater success. Whether it be stripping off fat, gaining muscle, enhancing your relationship, managing your time better, or obtaining any other goal, this ebook explains how to get fast-tracked results.

    Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed
    Leadership Skills The Whats, Whys and How Tos of Becoming an Exceptional Manager of People. This book provides you what to do and exactly how to do it in order to unleash your employees' full potential. Each how to is actually one of many easy to learn, easy to perform leadership skills.

    How To Survive in Prison or Jail
    With so many people going to prison our book, "How To Survive in Prison" is becoming increasingly popular. Whether white collar criminals, blue collar criminals or no collar criminals - this book is really getting picked up by all people. Family members worried about an inmate should read this book as well.

    Create Wealth Consciousness Now
    Your quantum leap to understanding, having and enjoying immense wealth & happiness.

    The Stock Teacher Method
    The most complete Day Trading Course available anywhere. The Super Advanced Day Trading Method™ will take you from a rookie trader...and Turn You Into A Super Advanced Master Trader starting your first day. This course provides you with crystal clear, step-by-step instructions. Become a professional day trader and get the in-depth training you need to be successful.

    Easy Network Wiring
    How to wire computer networks.

    Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp
    Announcing an Amazing New Marketing Bootcamp Designed Specifically for Coaches and Consultants who want to Fill their Practice in Less than 6 Months...

    Easy Writing
    Improve Your Writing.

    Let's Speak Japanese
    Start speaking Japanese with words and effective phrases used in everyday conversations, from meeting someone for the first time, going out with a friend, to expressing how you feel.

    The Great Puzzle
    The great puzzle of existence is beautifully reassembled in this masterpiece in which the author reveals the essence of human knowledge regarding fate, God, luck, success, and other major universal questions.

    eBooks for teachers
    Hundreds of titles of eBooks for teachers of all grade levels.

    Test your Childs Intelligence
    Download a colorfull and fun IQ test for children and test both overall intelligence and five different categories of intelligence.

    Living By Zen (Timeless Truths)
    Discover The 2,000 Year Old Zen Secret Of Staying Calm, Balanced And Positive No Matter What Is going On In Your Life. Now You Can Easily Stop Being Upset, Stressed or Anxious – Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before.

    Online I.T. training center.

    Powerful Sleep
    Sleep expert Kacper Postawski spills the beans in his fascinating new ebook "Powerful Sleep." While most people think sleep is just "sleep," it is actually a complex and fascinating system which you can OPTIMIZE in order to sleep less, and create an abundance of energy in your life. Deals with issues such as insonmia, jet lag and shift work. It's a must read for anyone who wants more out of life.

    Reading With Developmental Disabilities
    A guide to teaching reading to poeple with developmental disabilities. A proven sight reading is used. Practical teaching lessons are provided.

    A Guide to Free College
    Choosing the right college is probably one of the most important decisions in everyone’s life. “A Guide to Free College” is a career guide eBook for students. This eBook has helped 100's of candidates to find the right career school and get trained for rewarding careers.

    Can You Imagine a Better Life?
    This free book will help you create a better life in the best way possible: Your way. Get inspired and motivated. Learn how to choose the right tools for your journey. Review quality tools for goal-achievement, attitude-adjustment and inspiration.

    Within You is The Power
    The object of this book is to help men and women to come into harmony with life's law and purpose and thus avoid much needless suffering: to find the Greater Self within, which discovery brings with it a realization of absolute security: to bring into expression and wisely use their inner spiritual and mental forces and thus enter a life of overcoming and almost boundless power.

    How to learn new things: Easily, Quickly
    Gives top 48 tips which you can use to skyrocket your learning ability.

    Freemasonry Inside-Out. 'I Was Hoodwinked'
    He only found the secret of Freemasonry after he left after 20 years membership. His fascinating research has even caused existing members to reconsider their positions.

    Visualize and Achieve
    All the information, guidance and instructions for attaining success through the powers of the mind!

    Roadblocks to Happiness and How to Overcome them
    Some people unwittingly sabotage their own success by placing roadblocks in the way of their own happiness. The purpose of this book is to make you aware of your own self-defeating behavior, so you can change your thoughts, alter your behavior, and transform your outcomes.

    Gettable Goals
    A free compendium of tips and principles on how to set your goals from those who already know how to be a successful goal-getter.

    Instant Home Writing Kit

    Medical Education
    Provides courses and exam simulators for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

    Creating Successful Workshops
    Discover how easy it is to create a successful workshop, even if you've never presented one before.

    Trading For Beginners
    Trade Any Financial Market & Make Money.

    Commodity Trading E-book 2002
    Simple - Powerful - Commodity Trading Systems and Setups.

    Earn A Good Living Online
    #1 How-To Course On The Internet. Discover How You Can Cheaply Create Your Own Money Making Web Business.

    The Title Searchers Handbook
    Tired of being broke? Learn how to do Title Searches and dramatically increase your income working full or part time.

    Computer Training Easy and Affordable
    Computer based training software.

    Internet Sales and Marketing Boot Camp
    Online Sales Training with the Sales Architect James Maduk. Learn how to Build Sales Fast.

    Training Downloads
    Download top Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and HTML courseware!

    Powerful grade management tool for teachers. Generates full student-parent web site for each class with.

    Secrets of Good Grades
    One Of America's Most Successful College Students Tells His Secrets Of Making Straight A's.

    How To Win A High School Election
    Advice and ideas from over 1,000 high school Seniors about HOW TO WIN A HIGH SCHOOL ELECTION.

    Resumido.com - libros de gerencia
    Libros de gerencia resumidos.

    Math question solution services by fax.

    Photo Shoot
    Full Length On-Line Photography Course.

    Ivy League Admission Essays
    Online store of ivy league admission essays to be used as reference materials.

    DataPlace Accommodation
    Accommodation Directory.

    Leibniz Software
    Rent access to Mathematica software for as little as $2 an hour.

    College Organizer Software.

    Student Gold Mine
    Providing essays, dissertations and learning tools for students.

    College Admission
    college Admission Services for Ivy League Applicants.

    Best College Scholarships
    College Scholarships Info.

    Personalised Assistance for International Students.

    Proofreading and Editing Service
    Electronic proofreading service.

    cisco ccnaprep testing exams.

    Free Cash Government Grants & Loans, Ins
    Loans, Consolidations, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Home Loans, Line Of Credit.

    Make Money Teaching
    Tips and secrets on how to make money teaching anything to anybody.

    Smartcert Certification Study Guides
    Certification Study Guides With 100% Passing Guarantee.

    The Only Way to Get Certified Quickly.

    Training Downloads
    Download top Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and HTML courseware!

    CreditRepair2002 / Impressions4u.com
    Credit Secrets & Loopholes Used By The Rich & Famous. Get All the Tricks & Loopholes The Bureaus Don't Want You To Know!

    The complete Computer training manuals
    The complete visual step-by-step Computer training manuals, IT training curriculum and computer lesson plans.

    Property Tax Ax
    Property Tax Appeal Reduction: How To Win Your Case. Specific information on how to determine the value of real estate.

    Profit Trading Course.com
    Stock & Commodity Trading Course.

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